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LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to olivia.barnes@fairfaxmedia.com.au.
LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to olivia.barnes@fairfaxmedia.com.au.

First impressions count

I wonder when our council is going to do something with the eyesore that is the roundabout at the northwest entrance to the town.

Visitors in my opinion would not get much of a guide as to the quality of this town when the first thing they see when entering from that entrance is a roundabout lacking in colour, vibrancy and life.

Surely the parks and gardens staff can come up with something that gives a pleasurable greeting to our visitors. 

I would also like something done with what a poor appearance Mortlock Terrace gives out.

Some trees perhaps?


Port Lincoln

Rate cap a good thing

The perception is that we are losing control over all aspects of our life.

Life, death and taxes are the unknown factors in our life journey.

To have the council rates capped to a CPI level or even to 3 per cent would introduce some predictability to the rate payers budget.

Steadily over the years, more charges have been added to the rates: waste service, recycling, natural resource management, it all adds up to the creeping, mounting amount in the rate.

Some councils have unashamedly increased their rates by over 12 or 15 per cent.

While the Port Lincoln council rates have not risen in this exorbitant manner for now, I feel that a cap on rates is needed. 

As a necessity, families had to learn to budget and prioritise their expenses all the time to fit their need.

Likewise, the councils ought to exercise good financial skills and judgement when spending the ratepayers money.

It might not be easy, but the average families are doing it all the time.

I believe, there will be some special funding to allow for worthwhile projects (like the new London Street bridge, the swimming pool) I believe a cap will encourage the council to use some restraint, perhaps refrain from employing unnecessary new staff, streamline rules and regulations and question some of the ongoing work like expansion of the skate area.

To my untrained eyes, I thought the skate area was good enough.

To have the council struggle to fit all things to a strict budget, I think is a good thing.

It's the best way for them to feel part of the community.


Port Lincoln

Nuclear port

I would be interested to know if Port Lincoln has been approved as an unloading port for Nuclear waste in South Australia.

If so what would the likely ramifications be?  


Streaky Bay

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Web words

The outdoor showers near the Port Lincoln jetty have been upgraded featuring artwork from local photographer john White.

Great to see local councils buying Australian made and creating great facilities for their community.


Let's hope that the community respects and looks after this artwork and the showers!