Hunters’ dedication never in question

Eight riders and many more car followers braved the cold for Sunday’s Southern Eyre Hunt Club event at Limestone Lodge, two kilometres south of Wangary.

Come rain, hail or shine, you cannot question a hunter’s dedication to riding in all sorts of weather. 

Unfortunately the master could bot make it and deputy Sheree Mills stepped up the plate.

Once all were ready to ride, car followers were advised there would be no paddock crossing for them today as the landowners did not want anyone getting bogged after the deluge of rain they had experienced.

Acting master Sheree Mills on her faithful Appy and Zahli Liddicoat, who is a previous member, joined the field on the ‘retired two years ago’ Jerry and was watched by her parents Andrew and Sue Liddicoat.

Next was father/daughter duo Robbie and Amy Dunn on Bandit and Jelly Bean.

The pair jumped beautifully, although there was an odd refusal from Bandit who decided the people standing near the jump were altogether too scary to canter past.

Monsters aside, Bandit and Jelly Bean continue to jump like they are seasoned hunters and their riders do not do so bad either.

The day started well for Abbey Wilkins on Seppy, whom has been fondly dubbed Guiseppe, for the tall, dark and handsome horse he is.

Abbey rides with such confidence, one of the few riders who takes the advice to ‘look up’ to heart as she goes over jumps. The pair tackle everything laid out before them with no fear.

Issy Blackshaw on Herbie took to the field in her dryzabone, looking like a character from the Man from Snowy River as she cantered and leapt over logs like she had a stock whip in hand.

Haley Norton was back out in the field on her mount King Bob and rode alongside Monique Pugsley who rode Montana out for the first time.

Monique struggled to get Montana to behave for a short while, but she stuck to her guns and had her jumping by the time came for Stirrup Cup.

Stirrup Cup was rather enjoyable, but did not extend too long into the afternoon due to the weather, although you would not hear anyone dare complain about the rain.

The second half of the hunt was restricted to certain paddocks, for safety reasons, the ground being rather slippery even for horses, and the day finished off almost without incident.

One rider took a tumble at the end of the day over a capped double fence, and while she could get up and walk about, she had hit her head on the ground so she retired for a check-up. She was fine and only kept in the hospital for a couple of hours observation.

The rest of the afternoon was topped with a beautiful spread of supper and Carelene Doudle’s delicious soup around a fire.

Next week’s hunt will be Saturday, August 11 at 2pm and will be held at Marble View 14 kilometres south-east of Cummins.

For further information visit the club’s Facebook page: or call Stacey on 0428 656 864.

Tally ho!