Port Lincoln tuna skipper retrieves beached boat

A local tuna skipper has lent a hand to retrieve a boat that has been beached on the Port Lincoln foreshore since last week.

The vessel was forced to come ashore after it suffered some damage during the cold front that hit Port Lincoln last Thursday.

Sekol Farmed Tuna skipper/engineer/diver Kristofer Miletic said he had seen the boat on the beach for a while and approached its owner on Tuesday about volunteering to help get it back in the water.

“I said ‘we can help, we’ve got the boats’,” he said.

“I then approached the bosses...they said I could help him out.”

On Wednesday morning Mr Miletic brought the dive vessel ‘Diversion’ into Boston Bay to retrieve the boat, with the boat’s owner also present.

After inspecting the boat for any fuel leaks or further damage, a 120 metre, eight strand rope was attached and the boat was back in the water at about 11.30am.

Mr Miletic said he had to ensure there were no safety, environmental or infrastructural risks before going ahead with the retrieval.

After another inspection the boat was brought back to the Port Lincoln marina.

Mr Miletic said the owner was “relieved and very happy” to have the boat back in the water.

“It’s a really good feeling of accomplishment,” he said.