Capturing a piece of happiness

Born in Port Lincoln during the early 80s, I had a pretty idyllic childhood that incorporated my love of art, adventure and the outdoors. Coming from a family of cray fishermen, I enjoyed many days out on the ocean but my love for horses eventually kept my two feet firmly planted on the dirt. I owned my first horse at 11, a chestnut thoroughbred mare, and it was a learning experience that prepared me for so much more in my life, not just horsemanship.

At 15 I was given the opportunity to participate in AFSS exchange and went to Burlington, Wisconsin, United States for 12 months. It was an eye-opening experience, along with the fantastic times and friends I made, there were some scary moments. I had an attempted school shooting at my high school in November of 98 and then the following April, Columbine happened. There were most certainly moments when I longed to be back in little old Port Lincoln, but overall the experience made me more independent and many friends of whom I am still in contact with some 20 years later.

I returned and finished my schooling at Port Lincoln High School, but the travel bug had well and truly bitten and after graduation, I spent time working to pay for several holidays overseas, New Zealand and back to the States, where at 19 I was an au pair in Connecticut.

After my mum was diagnosed with Leukemia, I made my way home and stayed put for a while, at one point having three jobs on the go while studying to complete my certificate four in youth work. This meant new opportunities, and at 28, I moved to the Adelaide Hills and started my career as a youth worker. But I longed for the wide-open spaces and a job opportunity presented itself to me in Cummins, so in 2014 I moved back to the country and there my life in the little farming community started.

It was around the time I moved back to the country that my love for photography began and I have since successfully started Little Red Fox Photography, focusing mainly on fine art portraits and incorporating my love for horses by taking photos for the Southern Eyre Hunt Club at weekly events. Although I prefer to use my photography as an outlet for my art, it has become a big part of who I am and therefore an extension of myself.

I currently work for Pringles Crouch in Cummins and I love my working environment and community. Being a part of a thriving, forward thinking and inclusive town makes my life so enjoyable and I don’t imagine myself ever moving from it. Due to my many friendships forged through au pairing and student exchange, I am constantly saving for new overseas experiences and look forward to my holidays to the Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands, Scotland and Ireland coming up in just a few short weeks.

I believe you should never shy from adventure and embrace the simple things. I’m a part of a fantastic community, have amazing friends and a job which allows me time to follow my passions during the weekends. There really isn’t anything more a girl can ask for, well, except for maybe an endless supply of good coffee and a pretty sunset every evening but being on the Eyre Peninsula, even that’s covered. Life is short folks, find your piece of happiness, grab it with both hands and never let it go.