Winning pigeons

Simon Drewitt won ‘Best Bird in Show’ on Sunday after exhibiting his prize winning pigeons for more than 30 years.

He first entered his prize winning pigeons in the show in 1986, when he was 12-years-old and won his class that year with his Jacobin pigeon. 

The Port Lincoln local entered 31 birds into the competition this year, with his Modena Schieffer winning the event.

Mr Drewitt said his pigeons were just like other pets, so they were fed and treated very well.

“I make up a special mix for their feed of around five to six grains, but they are also given oils, vitamins and medications to make sure they stay healthy.”

Pigeons are judged similar to show dogs, in that they are bred to a standard and judged in comparison.

David August judged the event on Sunday, flying in from Adelaide, and said some of the 100 or so pigeons were national grade.

“There were some very good birds here,” he said.

“Some of them would win on the national stage.”

The 44-year old now focuses on Modena pigeons and has about 100 in a loft on his Little Swamp property.

Mr Drewitt has been a conveyor of the show’s pigeon event for about seven years, but said he did not know why he got into pigeon showing originally.

“It’s just one of those things, a few of my mates had pigeons and were showing them, and so I just kind of joined in,” he said.

“My family history is actually horse training, so I do that by nature.”

It seems his friends are still the reason why he is exhibiting in 2018.

Mr Drewitt and his friends often going on trips to show their pigeons.

“It’s similar to a footy trip,” he said.

“What happens in pigeon showing trips, stays on pigeon showing trips.”