Mallee Park win game late against Boston

Port Lincoln football

Mallee Park 12.15 (87) def Boston 7.11 (53)

SIX final quarter goals helped get Mallee Park home after trailing Boston by three points at the final break at Poole Oval on Saturday.

The Peckers went into the match missing some big names including Waylon Johncock, Ky Miller and Jerome Ah Kit-Burgoyne but still looked formidable.

Boston went forward early and put the wind blowing to the Matthew Place end to good use, although Peckers’ defensive pressure made it difficult.

Five first quarter goals, including two each from Peter Rowe and Riley King, got Boston up and running.

Mallee Park still found a way to get inside their 50 using good short passes and numbers with the passages, leading to two goals from Leonard Wells.

The lead was 21-points Boston’s way at quarter time.

Kingsley Bilney Jnr stood up in the second quarter, using his pace to run through the lines and enter into contests, including up forward which lead to two goals.

Boston’s defence was doing well in the face of the Pecker breeze advantage, Tristan Binder helped drive the play out of the back flank while Mitchell Wilbe and Willy Woldt were also making tasks hard for the Pecker forwards.

The Peckers could have extended their lead but with three goals from 10 scoring shots, they went into half time with a four-point lead.

Rain at half time made things a bit more slippery for the second half.

Boston looked to repeat their first quarter run with good passages out of the midfield backed up by defensive pressure around the contests.

Brodie Falciani was a standout with his attack of the football and clearing kicks, as was Sunny Singh in ruck as he never stopped trying to progress the ball out of the midfield.

Boston would have wished for a few more goals but majors from Wilbe and King put them in front. However coach Graham Johncock kicked a goal to keep the Peckers in touch as they trailed by three points at the final break.

The Tigers needed to work defensively and prevent goals in the final quarter but the incoming onslaught proved too much.

The Peckers started to pull away through winning the clearances in the middle, helped by Bilney and Jhy Dudley, while Wells and Swedenson Hanuman attacked the ball on the forward flank and Kenneth Davey put himself into the contests to set up inside 50s.

Although Boston never stopped contesting they were overwhelmed by the Pecker attack that led to six goals, including three from Johncock, to run away to a 34-point win. 

Boston would be proud of the way it kept up with the fourth placed Peckers but once again could not finish strongly enough.