SA could be world clean energy capital

Once legislation for nuclear power in Australia is passed, our emissions-free energy future will be assured.

Many new industries, thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in investments will follow over coming decades and SA will become the “clean energy capital of the world”.

Australia has been irresponsible, negligent, indeed foolish in failing to develop the most powerful source of energy known from the world’s largest uranium reserves, mostly in SA.

Over coming decades, the following development should occur.

The federal government and opposition need to reach a bipartisan position and legislate for nuclear fuel cycle development including nuclear power generation and waste disposal.

Australia offers the world the Officer Basin for an international high level nuclear waste repository.

For Olympic Dam expansion, Roxby Downs town and Eyre Peninsula water, a nuclear cogeneration power/desalination plant should be built at Ceduna.

BHP, Iron Road and Oz Minerals mines should all go off-grid and develop their own power supply using small modular reactor technology.

New industries of uranium enrichment, reprocessing, fuel assembly manufacture and major port expansion at Whyalla.

Port Augusta coal power should be replaced with nuclear and not solar thermal. 

 Australia will become a world leader in the rapidly growing nuclear industry and will capture the moral high ground on the previously thought intractable waste disposal problem.

The following facts need to be considered.

The world has wasted $2.3 trillion on renewables subsidies for 2.8 per cent of its electricity and no emissions reductions.

As of May 2017, 32 countries generated 11.5 per cent of the world’s electricity from 447 reactors.

Those 32 and 17 other countries were building 59 reactors, 170 reactors are planned and 374 proposed for the future. China has 35, is building 21 and plans another 180 by 2050.

Olympic Dam uranium used in developing Integral Fast Reactors could power the entire planet for more than 4000 years.

It’s time our politicians came together and gave real leadership in securing our emissions-free future energy supplies through the use of nuclear power.