Wayback too strong

Port Lincoln netball

Wayback 36 def South 27

First quarter saw South start strong, scoring a couple of goals quickly but it was not long before Wayback found their rhythm.

South’s goalies Kyesha Vlassco and Gemma De la Salle had a height advantage, but Wayback defenders Casey Grenfell and Brianne Gray were strong on every rebound.

Wayback midcourters Caitlin Sederstrom and Brooke George were tight in defence and made it difficult for M’Hiret Otto and Lily Matena to get front position, which forced South to make some passing errors.

South’s defender Hannah Barker was making it hard for Wayback’s feeders Ruby Orchard and George to find a clear pass to Ilka Curtis.

Barker pulled in the rebound on any missed goal

Transition into attack through Anti Liddell and Tammie Gudzenovs was good but South were struggling to get an entry into the ring.

Wayback were able to utilise the turnovers and through Curtis and Mikaela Eatts were up by four.

Wayback’s defence knew they would need to change it up in the ring with V. Vlassco now in shooter.

Grenfell was doing a lot of body on body work, but both Gray and Grenfell were still dominant in rebounds.

Wayback were able to pick up their pace this quarter and were able to get to the circle edge.

George’s drive down court and skillfully placed feeds saw Wayback score quickly and even though it was a very windy day Eatts was still able to shoot long range.

An injury to Grenfell caused her to call time and the defence line was changed.

South used these changes to their advantage and V. Vlassco and De la Salle were moving a lot better in the ring.

K. Vlassco was able to find more space which helped her hit the circle and feed in.

Wayback had their defence line back and South were looking to make an impact in the second half.

The all over court defence had picked up and the circle defenders were working overtime.

K. Vlassco and De la Salle were able to force some errors in the mid court with their pressure over the ball. 

Both teams were working extremely hard and had scored the same amount of goals for this quarter. 

Souths entered the last quarter in chase mode but they were not giving up.

They stepped up their defence with hands over the ball and focused on giving strong feeds to their goalies.

De la Salle was working well in the ring and offering great goalie-to-goalie passes and strong hands on the rebounds.

Curtis and Eatts were finding space through the tight defence and were able to score goals.

Wayback showed their fitness and calm composure and won the game by nine.

Imperial 46 def Boston 32

Boston needed the win on Saturday to stay in the run for finals contention.

They knew they would have a tough game on their hands with Imperial having more experienced players.

First quarter saw a positional switch with Kennedy (GK) taking numerous intercepts and making her presence known using her height to her advantage.

Imperial’s Glover (GD) and Francis (WD) were taking great intercepts.

Both teams were applying plenty of defensive pressure and making things hard – each team having to work for each goal.

Imperial came out strong in the second scoring three goals before Boston scored.

Hayman in C was controlling her team with plenty of direction for her players.

Due to windy conditions there was plenty of turnover ball.

Imperial’s midcourt defensive pressure was fantastic making things hard for Boston.

Despite the conditions both teams’ goalies were shooting well and converting.

At the half time break Imperial took the lead 21-17.

Boston made quite a few changes bringing on Fowler to WA, Grant to C, Rusden GD and Sampson WD and Imperial brought back on Mel Semmler into WA.

This quarter was more evenly matched and defensive pressure was going to play an integral part.

Boston’s Kennedy, Rusden, Sampson and Grant worked tirelessly in defensive to stop Imperial’s attack line of Hickman, Sawyer, Semmler and Hayman.

Boston’s Saunders and Jordison were combing well, shooting strong and rebounding any missed shots.

Unfortunately, basic errors were costing Boston the opportunity to close the gap.

The final quarter saw Boston bring Syme back into C and this young player is certainly one to watch in future A1 years.

Imperial with their experience pushed on to extend their lead despite Rusden chasing down every loose ball.

Imperial showed they are certainly in with a chance come finals time.

Imperial won the quarter and the game 46-32.

Wanilla 38 def St Mary’s 30

Wanilla played good full court man on man defence and St Mary’s attack line had strong front leads to the ball.

The scores were even at the end of the first quarter – 10 all.

St Mary’s kept their team the same and Wanilla made only one change, putting Gutsche into WD.

Wanilla came out firing and were stronger then St Mary’s on the loose balls but were making basic mistakes.

Injury to Russell, meant Clark moved back into defence and Laube into GS.

St Mary’s struggled to get the ball through the midcourt.

Wanilla lead 20 to 15 at half time.

Wanilla stepped up the pressure and there was strong body play by both teams.

Pressure over passes by Wanilla made it hard for St Mary’s to get the ball down the court.

Wanilla played well and extended the lead by nine.

There was strong pressure from Freeman, Gutsche and Griffin across the transverse line and the Wanilla defenders continued to apply strong defence in the goal circle.

Cash was shooting accurately for St Mary’s and it was just as well, as Wanilla’s defenders were strong on rebounds. 

A late run from St Mary’s with strong fast plays scoring six goals in a row was not enough to see them over the line – Wanilla winning by eight.