Ramblers’ victory locks in finals spot

COMPETITION: Ramblers' Sydney Claughton and Lock's Fleur Rowett fight for the ball. Picture: Meryl Weetra.
COMPETITION: Ramblers' Sydney Claughton and Lock's Fleur Rowett fight for the ball. Picture: Meryl Weetra.

Great Flinders netball

Cougars 56 def Eyre United 25

In windy, ice cold conditions at Kapinnie, Cougars took on Eyre United.

Cougars steadied early, and had good movement of the ball through their centre court, which allowed them to feed into their goalies well.

The Eyre United defenders of Tammy Lucena and Eden Telfer were making the Cougars goalies Amy Fuss and Lisa Smith work hard for every ball.

Georgia Stratford in WA for Eyre United and Zoey Phelps in WD for Cougars were going hard at every ball.

Cougars led at quarter time 14 goals to Eyre United’s 7.

Ana Ackland in WA for Cougars started off the second quarter strongly, with great vision into her goalies, who in very windy conditions were doing well to shoot some beautiful goals.

Experienced defender Jessica Nielsen in GD for Cougars was having a great tussle with young Allyce Fatchen in GA for Eyre United.

Despite some great movement in their attacking end for the Saints, Cougars capitilised on their lead and went into half time 29 goals to Eyre United’s 12.

Both teams made changes going into the third quarter, with Kaitlin Jacobs into C for Cougars at half time, and Eyre United moving Sasha Stratford to C, and Georgia Stratford to WD, and Kimberly Thomas to WA.

This seemed to work well for the Saints, and their third quarter seemed to flow a lot better than their first two.

Zoey Phelps in WD was working overtime, picking off intercepts and providing back up to her attacking end.

Cougars went into three quarter time with the lead, 42 goals to Eyre United’s 22.

Cougars had fresh legs again, bringing Amesha Meyers on into C to run out the game, giving Ana Ackland a rest.

Cougars continued to work hard across the court, and kept Eyre United to only a three goal-quarter, allowing them to run out easy victors – 56 goals for Cougars, to 25 for Eyre United. 

Ramblers 46 def Lock 35

A great game played by teams who were both looking for a place in the finals.

A fast paced first quarter with some great passages of play by both teams.

Ramblers goal keeper Paige Dahlitz took many intercepts in the goal circle making the Lock goalies, Jordan Sladdin and Megan Carr, fight for every goal.

Both teams’ goalies were finding it hard due to the wind.

Ramblers’ wing attack Brooke Pedler and Lock’s wing defence Tanya Habner were fighting for every ball.

Lock’s wing attack Melissa Morton made quick to lead out easily getting the centre passes, tightly defended by Ramblers’ wing defence Caitlin Phelps who had been intercepting passes in the goal third.

Lock’s centre Fleur Rowett feeding her goalies with direct passes.

Ramblers’ defenders were making a lot of unforced errors in the goal circle much to Locks advantage.

The third quarter was played out a lot like the second quarter with both teams putting up the same amount of goals.

Ramblers’ defenders Abby-Lee Burrows and Paige Dahlitz were working hard picking up every loose ball, with very quick hands to the ball.

Ramblers’ centre Sydney Claughton was playing a controlled game through the centre, feeding her goalies Kira Symonds and Mikaela Richardson with direct passes.

The last quarter was just as fast as the rest with Lock defenders Laura Zacher and Sarah Skinner combining well stopping many passes into the ring enabling Lock to outscore Ramblers by one goal.

But Ramblers took the win, giving them a chance at the finals.