Sheehan’s putts leave her hanging

WINNERS: SportsPower Superstore stableford winner Judy Holman and runner-up Leonie Phelps.
WINNERS: SportsPower Superstore stableford winner Judy Holman and runner-up Leonie Phelps.

Heavy conditions underfoot made for interesting scores for the SportsPower Super Store stableford and the fourth round of the J. Bache Cup.

The gathered players were thankful that the very windy conditions from the previous night had blown through by the time the ladies were ready to play last Wednesday at the Cummins Golf Club in the winter sunshine.

The solid rains have settled the new scrapes in and they played the best yet for this season.

The creeks were chuckling, the frogs were merrily croaking and the aroma of flowering canola wafted over the fairways.

Melissa McCracken was spot on with her prediction of the course conditions as she chose to wear her rubber boots for her nine-hole game.

Both Judy Holman and Tiff Firth had a spot of ball washing in the hazard alongside the 14th fairway.

Of all the weeks for the ball to land in trouble there, this was the week.

There had been enough rain to create a small water hazard.

Carmel Sheehan had a number of nearly but not quite putts during her day.

Her ball was left hanging on the cusp of the cup numerous times.

Perhaps Sheehan was warming up for the putting competition for tomorrow’s game.

Leonie Phelps had a pause before playing her second stroke on the first fairway.

It was not due to swooping magpies, but to let the Aerotech aircraft go past on its run to a neighboring property.

A wave from the players and a waggle of the wings from the pilot and then the game continued on.

The ladies thanked Liz Blacker who, whilst not being able to play, still came out for hostess duties in the morning and then returned in the afternoon at the 19th.  Her orange poppy seed cake was especially welcomed.

Division one winner of the SportsPower Super Store stableford was a surprised Judy Holman, with Leonie Phelps a close runner-up.

Holman had a fantastic chip in on the eighth.

Holman had a fantastic chip in on the eighth.

There was never a doubt of that ball not sinking into that cup.

Carmel Sheehan had a long chip in on the 14th.

The novelty for the day was the third hit on the 15th.

Often a player can have a cracker drive followed by a very ordinary second hit. The third stroke can be a bit of a get out of jail card.

Tiff Firth played a sweet third to win herself a chocolate bar (she says it is for her son).

There will be a general meeting on Wednesday August 22 after play.

Tomorrow’s game is a stroke round, the Patroness Trophy and the fourth round of the putting competition.

Tracey Wooley and Tiff Firth are on tee duty and Joyleen Pedler is hostess.

Last Wednesday’s ladies would agree, “Hazards attract, fairways repel.”