Wayback and Tasman battle for second spot

GRAB: Mallee Park's Graham Johncock took this great mark against Boston's Mitchell Wilbe which set up one of his three last quarter goals.

GRAB: Mallee Park's Graham Johncock took this great mark against Boston's Mitchell Wilbe which set up one of his three last quarter goals.

Port Lincoln football preview

THE PENULTIMATE round of football will take place this weekend with one match that could determine second spot, and one which could be a club’s last chance for a win this season.

Tasman v Wayback, Ravendale

Wayback made its way back in the top two with a 40-point win against Lincoln South last week.

They go up against Tasman who are once again at home following a 54-point loss to top side Marble Range.

The Demons will be missing David McPharlin, Sam Clark and Dylan Giesberts due to injury but Riley Hatcher is expected back in.

Wayback will need a strong start, they do not want to give Tasman a chance to get their run and carry game established early.

The Demons can apply that defensive pressure, which will be needed to shut down the dangerous Rooster forwards.

Ben Sampson has continued to impress across the field with his use of the football while Jonty Seal has a chance to once again make the difference with his goal kicking.

For Tasman they will be missing Matt James but welcome back Boyd McCurry, Brent Gray, Wade Mason, Brent Harris, Matt Dodd and Nathan Frost.

They will need to make sure they have the numbers around the contests to match the pressure Wayback will put over the ball.

The forward trifecta of Harris, Ben Daniels and league leader Johann Wagner should be dangerous and with several big inclusions Tasman are likely to win their fair share of the contests.

Tasman has had Wayback’s number throughout the year and at home it should be a similar story, but it should be a close match.

Lincoln South v Boston, Poole Oval

This match was originally scheduled for Centenary Oval but has been moved to Boston’s home ground of Poole Oval.

The Tigers will remember too well the last time they met Lincoln South, leading for much of the match before inaccurate goal kicking and lack of finish allowed the Eagles to snatch a two-point win.

Boston has farewelled Tristan Binder who is off to Adelaide to resume playing for Norwood while Trent Polkinghorne will be away.

However they are expecting Ben Leahy, Theo Theodosiou and Aaron Castley into the side, with Sam Kolega also a chance to play.

Boston will need to do what they did for much of the game against Mallee Park, insert themselves into the contests, create options in the midfield and apply defensive pressure to prevent scoring opportunities.

The question will be whether the improving Tigers will have the legs to play four quarters and if they can be accurate in front of goal.

Sunny Singh has continued to work hard no matter what position he plays while Brodie Falciani can clear the ball from packs and Mitchell Wilbe continues to shine in defence.

Souths will go in unchanged from last week and look to have the legs to play four quarters.

The Eagles will look to win the stoppages, which will be key against Boston, and set up their zones while putting on the same defensive pressure that proved vital the last them these two met.

Luke Wilkins and Mitch Jolly are two of South’s biggest ball winners and will be ones to watch while coach Paul Stelzer and Swayne Ackland have proved they can lift their team with their goal kicking.

This is a good chance for Boston to record their first win since June 2016, but signs point to a close Souths win.

Marble Range v Mallee Park, Wangary

Marble Range look destined to finish in the top two but could face a speed hump in the form of a determined Mallee Park.

Rangers will be without Nick Cooper who is out with a knee injury but is expecting Craig Welfare back in.

At Wangary the Rangers master the wide spaces creating their zones to set up passages into the 50.

They can achieve this with one of the best midfields in the league this season.

Cody Pilgrim and Boyd West can win the football in the centre, Jacob Watson has been effective in ruck contests while Lance Appleby and Tyron George can effectively use the football through the midfield and move it forward.

Rangers have proven their forward line is more than just Kory Beard, Reece Francis kicked five against Tasman last weekend while Billy Byass has shown he is one of the best small forwards around with his four goals.

Mallee Park were missing some big names last weekend but showed they can lift no matter what the margin.

Kingsley Bilney Jnr can turn a game around with his attack on the football and run through the centre, Kenneth Davey can win the football while under pressure and coach Graham Johncock can stand up when needed, as he showed with three last quarter goals against Boston.

No matter who is in the team Mallee Park will be formidable, but Rangers should get the win at home.