‘String, Clay and Feathers’ exhibit on show

Local artist Jaquie Carmichael’s ‘String, Clay and Feathers’ exhibit will open this Monday in Port Lincoln.

The exhibit at the Nautilus Art Centre features weaving, macrame and hand made clay works of all sizes.

The self taught artist said she began weaving, and dived into her art, after an accident four years ago.

“It all started after I lost the top of my two fingers in a lawn mower about four years ago,” she said.

“Weaving became a part of my physiotherapy to try and keep my fingers active after the accident,” she said.

A strong focus of her artworks has been on nature and the surroundings of the west coast, with birds, feathers and driftwood featuring heavily.

Before the accident, Ms Carmichael said she had dabbled in art, but not on this level.

“Everything is handmade and I try and put my own unique spin on things.

“Macrame is coming back from the 70s with a vengeance, so I’ve started to put my own style to it.”

She has made her own loom and said she can spend around 20 hours on each piece, but weaving in comparison to macrame was a lot more time consuming.

“Most people know my weaving work, but I’ve started to incorporate macrame and clay into my pieces too.

“I’ve also started creating custom pieces for kid’s bedrooms with their names weaved into my work.”

Ms Carmichael said she has handmade over 200 pieces with her business Weaver’s Lane, and sells her artwork through social media.

Ms Carmichael’s ‘String, Clay and Feathers’ exhibit will be on show at the Nautilus Art Centre from August 20 until September 15.