Ramblers end minor round on 99-point win

Ramblers end minor round on 99-point win

Great Flinders football

United Yeelanna 24-18 (162) def Lock 1-2 (8)

United Yeelanna handed Lock a football lesson to the tune of 154 points in Great Flinders’ final minor round. 

The experienced head of Jericho in the pocket opened the scoring, followed by big Havelberg at full forward and within five minutes C. Carr had added the Eagles third.

Half way through the quarter debutante colt Gerber kicked his first A grade goal despite the valiant attempts of Kelly, Heath, B. Brown and Tiller. 

Five forward entries for the Roos still saw them scoreless in comparison to the Eagles with 13 inside 50s for 6-6 at the end of the first quarter.

In the second quarter the Eagles found the big sticks for six consecutive goals. 

L. Brown, Glover, Wright, Morton and Aguerre were doing plenty of running for the Roos, but they were hunted down mercilessly by Murnane, Skinner, Martin, Coombs and M. Crettenden. 

Seventeen minutes into the quarter the Roos finally made the scoreboard to the tune of two points. 

Amidst several points, the Eagles finished the quarter with another goal.

The third quarter continued in the same manner with accurate Eagles almost robotic in their precisely managed game. 

Havelberg continued to add to his bag, little Gerber added his second amongst others with Carr, Skinner, M. Crettenden and Watson racking up stats. 

B. Brown, Tiller, Heath and Sellen battled manfully with L. Brown and Morton working non stop midfield for the Roos only to see their forward entries foiled.

At 19-16 to 0-2 it was all over bar the shouting at the final change. 

Havelberg opened the scoring within seconds, but L. Brown finally found the big sticks for the Roos’ solitary goal of the day. 

The Eagle machine kept rolling as they added another five for the quarter. 

Ramblers 17-16 (118) def Cougars 3-1 (19)

Ramblers hosted old rivals Cougars in Cummins for the last minor round game.

Ramblers kicked with a healthy breeze in the first but battled to hit the scoreboard with Cougars drawing first blood with a clever soccer goal to Luke Moroney. 

Ramblers had plenty of the play but were rattled going into attack by the defensive pressure of Cougars’ back six led by Jack Green. 

Jake Mahoney and Adam Haarsma were having a good tussle and both will have a please explain from their boss on Monday as to why a free and penalty was given to Luke Rowe who slotted Ramblers first of the game. 

Goals to James Pedler and a strong mark and goal to Tysan Mickan saw Ramblers up by 18 points at the first break.

Cougars lost their premier big man in Konitzka to an injury and after he dominated the ruck in the first quarter they were going to miss him. 

Liam Sampson and Jake Skinner were getting plenty of the ball for Ramblers around the ground and their hard running was giving Ramblers good opportunities up forward. 

George Pedler and Rob Shirley were stand outs for Ramblers in a difficult half and Cougars were well served by Adam Green and Joe Cragg-Sappsford. 

Cougars added only one for the term to Moroney and a good passage of play from Logan Dennis, Wes Bilney and a Jed Forster goal saw Ramblers up by 26 points at the long break.

Cougars under a new team structure saw Jake Sellen go into the ruck against Hall and their youngsters in Brodie Laube, Fergus Burns and Seth Dobbins came into the game and contributed well. 

But Ramblers piled on the goals and the pain for Cougars adding six for the term. 

Two clever snaps from George Pedler and long goals from James Pedler and Rowe saw the efforts of Ramblers’ mid field rewarded.

Jesse Rule and Ben Quigley were hurting Cougars and if it was not for Jake Mahoney, Jack Green and Corey Paech the scoreboard would have looked much worse than the 11 goal deficit at three quarter time.

The last quarter was a chance for Cougars to stand up or for Ramblers to continue their pain. 

It was Ramblers who took control going into the breeze playing clever football to open Cougars up going into attack.

Quigley slotted two along with majors to Rowe, Jesse Rule, Jack Fitz and Haarsma who made his physical presence felt all day. 

L. Paech was a stand out for Cougars and he continued his possessions in the last. Moroney took his and Cougars tally to three for the game late in the last quarter. 

At the final siren Ramblers were 99-point winners.

Tumby Bay 19-11 (130) def Eyre United 6-6 (42)

The last game of the minor round at Tumby oval was always going to be somewhat of a rubber match, with the home side assured of its position in the league table and the visiting Eyre United playing solely for pride.

It was the famous Eyre United pride that propelled the visitors to an early two goal lead.

With the wind assisting early it was Treager and Young that managed to kick straight and give their side a good opportunity to take the lead.

James opened the account for the Blues soon after, while Jordan Hind was becoming an ominous figure of strength in the centre of the ground, and the always active Hennell was looking dangerous.

Before the siren it was the dynamic Rees who managed to recover from a less than spectacular set shot at goal to slot through a far more difficult follow-up goal to take the sides into the first break on an even score.

The second quarter was difficult for the Saints followers. Unfortunately for the visitors the home side was using the wind assistance and applying constant pressure on the ball.

Jackson Murphy scrambled a goal followed by Rees’ second as he ran onto a loose ball inside the 50 metre arc.

When man-mountain Hind thumped a goal from 60 metres out before the long break any objective onlooker would have forgiven the Saints players for being dejected.

Going into the long break the visitors were 31 points adrift.

Coming out for the third quarter the Saints showed the gritty commitment they are known for.

The leading example was Jordan Telfer who seemed to cover a huge amount of ground in the back lines.

Repelling as much of Tumby’s forward momentum as he could Telfer made his teammates aware he was not looking for the siren.

However, try as they could the visitors could not suppress the relentless energy of Hennell who managed to constantly lead out to Rees.

Rees notched up another goal and young Nick Bates followed soon after.

Eyre United managed one goal with the wind to take their three quarter tally to 4-6 (30) while the home side had blown out to 12-13 (85).

The visitors faced the imposing task of playing the last quarter of their season against a rampant home side running with the wind.

Jordan Hind emphasised his strength in the centre in the final session while Tom Kelly also had imposing input on the game.

The visitors had few highlights, however Scott Young managed an impressive snap goal in the later moments.

This joy was mitigated when Scott Fitzgerald coped a heavy accidental knee to the face.

Notable amongst the final quarter action was the late inclusion of Joe Walker for Tumby.

Returning after a serious head knock two rounds earlier Walker got some valuable match time and even managed to find a loose ball and goal in the dying seconds.