Family the basis for business longevity

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Kemp Real Estate was established in 1978 and in 40 years of business it has been recognised as one of the industry leaders in regional South Australia.

Kemp Real Estate principal Steve Kemp began working in the Port Lincoln real estate industry in 1987 and has been principal of the company since 2000 after taking over from his father and founder of the business, Reg Kemp.

“Starting as a small family business we’ve seen a lot of changes in the market over 40 years,” said Steve.

“When my father first started the business the price of a home was $40,000 and a block of land was $6000.”

“Of course we’ve seen many changes in those 40 years with houses now selling for over a million dollars and land selling for up to $250,000-$300,000.”

“We've been lucky enough to have sold thousands of homes and land in that time.”

Steve said the business has probably sold a home in just about every street in Port Lincoln.

“We've witnessed so many great changes in Port Lincoln and worked with a lot of developers who have changed the face of the area,” he said.

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“It was very exciting being a part of the sales at Port Lincoln Cove in the mid-80s, plus all of the other developments around Port Lincoln.”

But some of the changes over 40 years haven’t always been smooth sailing.

“In the 1970s a real estate contract was a two-page document and today it is a 12-page document and a cooling off notice is about 60-70 pages,” said Steve.

“Bureaucracy has gone mad and continues to go mad.”

But not all changes are bad, according to Steve.

“The introduction of the internet in the 90s changed the whole dimension of how we do business,” he said.

“There is so much information out there for buyers and sellers before they even talk to a real estate agent.”

“They know a lot more about the market than they have ever had the opportunity to before, which is great for them and it's good to see people who are educated going into buying.”

With so many changes over 40 years, the thing that hasn’t changed at Kemp Real Estate is good old fashioned customer service.

“We have been able to assist thousands of buyers and sellers over that time into their real estate dreams,” Steve said.

Kemp Real Estate is hosting a party on Friday night to celebrate their 40th anniversary.

“We are getting some of our business friends together and we've put together some of the old memorabilia from each decade for the last 40 years,” he said.

“There is some really interesting stuff there, you can see particular homes and how they've tracked in the market over 40 years and how our business has changed over 40 years.”

“We've rebranded the business about five times over 40 years so that's been interesting to watch, plus a name change because it was Reg Kemp Real Estate and now its just Kemp Real Estate."

“It's going to be great to catch up with some of our past employees along with our current ones.”

Unfortunately, the 40th-anniversary celebrations are bittersweet for Steve.

“My father Reg started the business in 1978 and retired 15 years ago, he passed away three years ago, so he didn’t get to see the 40th year celebration which is disappointing," he said.

“He would have loved to be part of it.”