Ramblers win prelim spot

FIRST SEMI: Jake Sellen and Jared Hall rucking in the A grade on Saturday, watched on by Mitch Dennis and Brad Hazelgrove. Picture: Lisa Warner.
FIRST SEMI: Jake Sellen and Jared Hall rucking in the A grade on Saturday, watched on by Mitch Dennis and Brad Hazelgrove. Picture: Lisa Warner.

Great Flinders football


Ramblers 16-12 (108) def Cougars 9-6 (60)

TWENTY seconds was all it took for Ramblers to slot their first goal through James Pedler at full forward in the first semi final at Ungarra. 

From there the play was scrappy and contested with lots of turnovers.

An opportunistic soccer goal from George Pedler extended the lead until a nice set shot and running snap, both from Paech, pegged it back.

General play was quite even until an undisciplined 25-metre penalty saw Haarsma kick one from in front to give Ramblers the edge, 3-5 to Cougars’ 2-1.

Similar to the first quarter, Ramblers booted the first goal of the second however, Cougars quickly replied through a great run down tackle by Hazelgrove to gift Ness a goal.

The game seemed to open up a bit which suited the Rambler forwards.

Haarsma and Rowe booted five for the quarter.

G. Pedler was damaging at half forward for Ramblers and for Cougars Lochie Paech was getting a lot of the ball in the midfield.

At half time Ramblers led 8-7 to 3-1.

Ramblers cleared the ball and immediately scored the first major of the third quarter.

Cougars were winning plenty of the ball but struggled to penetrate the Rambler defence of Mickan and Dennis.

Efficiency at finding a target inside 50 was the main difference of the two teams with Cougars struggling to finish off the hard work of their midfield.

The quarter was a good arm wrestle with both teams kicking three goals.

It was the first goal of the fourth quarter, which came from Rowe, that effectively put the game out of reach for Cougars.

G. Pedler then goaled a brilliant dribble kick for his fourth of the day.

Bilney cashed in with three late majors of his own. 

Cougars fought all the way to the end with three goals of their own to try and keep up with the onslaught from Ramblers but the game was already won.

Best for Cougars: L. Paech, J. Green, C. Paech.

Best for Ramblers: G. Pedler, R. Shirley, T. Mickan.


Ramblers 8-11 (59) def Cougars 5-17 (47)

In perfect conditions and with both teams boasting a host of quality players the B grade final was certainly not B grade standard.

The early pressure was on Cougars’ defence but scores were hard to come by for both teams and the ball rebounded back and forth for the first 10 minutes.

Scott Blacker, in a sign of things to come, ran off half back and the ball soon ended up with Kit Williams who kicked his first.

After a tight first quarter Ramblers had the lead.

Roderick got the first clearance for Ramblers after not being sighted in the first quarter and soon imposed himself around the stoppages.

However Brad White, who had plenty of the ball for Cougars, had moved forward and kicked their first goal after strong tackling from Turnbull.

The reply was swift however with two quick snap goals from again from Kit Williams putting Ramblers away again but White and Burns were racking up possessions for Cougars and a late snap goal to Symonds kept them well it the contest at half time – Ramblers 3-6 (24) to Cougars 2-3 (15). 

Cougars were attacking early with Bache lifting in the midfield to support White who was dominating around the game.

The experience of Shawn Fitzgerald, Matt Forster and Scott Blacker held firm in defence for Ramblers and the momentum changed when Williams snapped his forth goal and was proving the difference in their forward line.

Ackland was trying hard for Cougars and bustled the ball forward to Monfries who finished on the run for a much needed goal.

Fitzgerald was put in the middle and immediately pushed forward and snapped a goal followed by another to Williams and the game was slipping away from Cougars.

However a long bomb from King after the three-quarter siren gave Cougars some inspiration going into the break pegging the lead back to 10 points.

A desperate start from Cougars saw them in attack and with all the momentum but only kicking points.

Blacker marked and ran the ball out time and time again but the ball seemed to end up with Monfries whose set shots were less than convincing.

White finally goaled from the goal square and the scoreboard tightened right up.

Damien Paech was marking everything at half forward for Cougars but the pressure soon swung to their defence which could not stop the brilliant finish from Fitzgerald from deep in the pocket.

Puckridge had the chance to level the scores soon after and but hit the post, then when Williams kicked his sixth it sealed the deal for a hard fought win for Ramblers.


Tumby Bay 15-11 (101) def Lock 4-6 (30)

The first 15 minutes belonged to the Blues who kicked five goals.

Lock had their chances late in the quarter, missing a couple of set shots in front of goal.

Richardson and McDonald both booted two.

After a quick goal to Pople for Tumby, the game evened up and Lock provided strong contest in the midfield.

The play rebounded between each half forward line and eventually Lock scrapped a goal through Pearce, which was followed with another from Beard.

Tumby got one back late to even the quarter 7-3 to 2-4.

Tumby dominated the start of the third, similar to the first quarter, kicking multiple goals.

White and Carr got amongst the goals with Richardson and Pople.

Lock got one back late but struggled throughout against Tumby’s pressure and the height of players like Butler and the McDonald twins. 

Lock battled hard in the last quarter repelling many inside 50s from the Blues.

Webb and Beinke were clearing the ball from the middle easily for Tumby.

Tumby piled on another four and Lock jagged one through Siebert to finish off the match.

Charlie Richardson and Reef Pople were best for Tumby.

Best for Lock were Crosby and Glover.