Ramblers on rampage



Ramblers 48 def Tumby Bay 37

RAMBLERS started with the first centre pass, with play going back and forth before the first goal was scored.

There was intense pressure in the first few minutes from both teams.

Ramblers GK Paige Dahlitz stood out, taking three intercepts early on.

Tumby defender Somma Cave was making it hard for young goalie Kira Symonds to find space.

However, Ramblers capitalised on Tumby’s mistakes and scored the first nine goals unanswered.

Brooke Pedler in WA was providing strong drives to the circle and delivered precision feeds in to Mikaela Richardson and Kira Symonds.

At quarter time Ramblers led, 19-7.

Tumby came out firing in the second quarter and Shae Franks moved to WD to match up on sister Brooke Pedler, which proved to be a tight tussle.

Young goalies Alex Stratford and Desi Franks shot well for Tumby, but Ramblers’ full court pressure allowed them to extend their lead 32-17 going in to the half time break.

Ramblers made changes in their mid court, bringing Caitlin Phelps on to WD and swapping Pedler and Abbi Dahlitz in the centre.

Richardson continued her dominance, demonstrating her agility, speed and accurate shooting.

P. Dahlitz remained influential at GK, with more skilful turnovers. 

Franks applied strong defensive pressure at WD making it harder for Ramblers to deliver the ball to their goalies.

Cave continued to use her height to advantage with multiple deflections, but at the break Ramblers led 42 – 26.

Ramblers were determined to finish strongly and continued with their strong defensive pressure and second efforts but Tumby made a strong run-on.

Desi Franks shot beautifully and helped her team to a solid fourth quarter.

Tumby Bay had a great finish but Ramblers’ first three quarters set them up for a berth in the preliminary final. 


Ramblers 49 def Tumby Bay 32

Tumby Bay had the first pass for A reserves but Ramblers intercepted in the goal ring for the first goal of the match.

Ramblers were determined to finish strongly and continued with their strong defensive pressure and second efforts but Tumby made a strong run-on.

Through the centre Ramblers’ Sophie Blacker and Tumby’s Montana Watson were fighting hard for every loose ball.

Scores at quarter time were Ramblers 9 to Tumby 7.

Madeline Treloar came on into GD while Tumby remained unchanged.

Ramblers started with the ball and increased their lead.

Strong drives through the centre court and accurate passing around Tumby’s defenders in the ring further increased and consolidated Ramblers’ lead.

Tumby were unfortunate with their goals sliding around and dropping out of the ring, but Ramblers were more hungry for the ball and had an 11-goal lead going into the third quarter – 32-17.

At half time, Ramblers swapped Lucy Pedler and Blacker in the centre and bringing Madeline Crettenden in to GD.

Tumby moved Katrina Van Der Lans to GA, bringing Melissa Fiacchi to WD and moved most of their centre court around.

Ramblers’ goalie Mary-Anne Mickan stepped up, moving well and providing lots of opportunities for her team mates to feed the ball in, and rarely missing.

Unfortunately for Tumby the changes did not make an impact in the all-important third quarter.

Van Der Lans was struggling to adjust to the attacking role, and Fiacchi was hard at the ball but struggling to find a player free to take the pass.

Ramblers led 41-22 at the break.

Ramblers made changes for the final quarter, trying different combinations in defence.

Tumby started strong and outscored Ramblers 10 goals to eight, but unfortunately it was not enough.

Best for Ramblers was Sophie Blacker, while Sarah Southern was tireless in defence for Tumby Bay.


Ramblers 32 def Tumby Bay 31

Tumby started with the ball and scored the first goal with direct play.

Tumby put strong pressure on the Ramblers attack, but a missed opportunity after a good intercept by Tumby’s Brooke Neindorf saw Ramblers level the score.

Tumby continued to apply pressure through the mid court forcing Ramblers to play steady and controlled netball.

Tumby’s full-court pressure forced Ramblers into mistakes, and despite two quick goals with 40 seconds left on the clock, Tumby led 11-7 at the break.

Ramblers moved Bonnie Morris in to WA and Amy Charnock in to C while Tumby remained unchanged.

Ramblers scored off Tumby’s first centre pass and then scored off their own to peg the margin back to two.

Ramblers stepped up the pressure over the court and Tumby were finding it hard to find their team mates.

Another two quick goals levelled the score three minutes in.

Strong rebounding by Neindorf was giving Tumby plenty of opportunities.

An injury saw Abbey Bates come on for Julie Hennel for Tumby.

After a scrappy quarter Tumby held the lead 17-15.

Play see-sawed in the third quarter as neither team could capitalise on turnovers.

Ramblers’ Darcy Crettenden and Tumby’s Abbey Bates were well matched and both gained valuable possessions for their teams.

Tumby Bay extended their lead by three 24-19 at three-quarter time.

A tip by Tumby’s Julia Devine gave Tumby the first opportunity to score off Ramblers’ centre pass, but Ramblers rebounded and sent it straight back into attack for Charli-Jane Holden to finish it off.

Tumby steadied and were patient around the ring, with Ramblers GK Gemma Crettenden making it difficult for the goalies.

Neindorf took a speccy intercept but Ramblers capitalised off a couple of rebounds to tie the game with three minutes to go.

A steady shot from Taryn Coad saw Tumby Bay get a nose in front, but Rambler goalies Holly Rowett and Holden were finding space and a quick goal saw the scores even at 27 all at full time.

In extra time, Ramblers took the first centre pass and scored through Rowett.

An overcooked pass into the Tumby goal circle followed by another goal off Ramblers’ centre pass saw them lead by three.

However, Tumby refocused and took the next two goals to make the difference one goal at the break – 30-29.

Tumby started with the ball in the last quarter.

Ramblers scored after a few nervous attempts and then consolidated from their centre pass.

However, the Tumby mid court applied strong pressure to keep within reach.

With a minute to go a turnover saw Ramblers take the ball to their goal circle but they could not score, and Tumby were able to steady to get one on the board but time was against them with Ramblers holding their slim lead to win the game.

Amy Charnock’s work ethic gave her best for Ramblers while Alison Wilson’s drive and pressure over the ball gave her best for Tumby Bay.


Lock 47 defeated Tumby Bay 32

Tumby started with the first centre pass and shot the first two goals before Lock replied with their first goal.

Both teams settled quickly, going goal for goal before Lock capitalised on a few intercepts to lead by five at the end of the first quarter, 13-8.

Lock started the second unchanged, but Tumby brought the experienced Trish Lawrie on to WA and Mardi Edmonds in WD.

Steady shooting from young gun Sarah Lawrie and Tamika Clark kept Tumby in the game, with Lock settled and consistent down the length of the court.

Lock were still in front at half time, 23 – 19.

Young Mikaela Baines took to the court to make it a family duo with mum Anne-Marie in goals for Lock, and Jane Pearce moved in to C, while for Tumby Julia Lees and Taleah Milton swapped in the mid-court.

Lock defenders Lucy Mitchell and Tamika O’Malley had to work hard in the ring.

Anne-Marie Baines came off with an injury with two minutes to go, replaced by Kelsey Hurrell, but Lock maintained their momentum to lead 35-24 at the final break.

Both came on for a strong start for the final quarter.

Lock WD Alyssa Siebert took strong intercepts helping Lock get a run of goals mid-way through the quarter.

Lawrie continued to shoot beautifully for Tumby.

Another Lock injury saw Montana Kay come on for Siebert, but the momentum was unchanged and Lock ran away victors.

Best for Lock was Jane Pearce, with Tamika O’Malley best for Tumby.


United Yeelanna 46 def Tumby Bay 24

With both teams fielding full sides for the first time since playing each other this season, Yeelanna and Tumby looked set for a tight game.

Tumby won the toss, but Yeelanna started strongly with defender Lily Glover making it difficult for the Tumby goalies.

Tumby defender Jasmine Trezise and Yeelanna goalie Lacey Murnane were well matched, as were Tumby’s GS Kirra Lawrie and Lily Glover.

By the break UY led 11-5.

Eagles remained unchanged, but Tumby brought Abbey Bates in to GD and moved Jasime Trezise in to C.

Trezise’s pressure in the goal circle was missed with Yeelanna scoring eight goals to Tumby’s one in the first five minutes of the quarter.

However, her feeding and drive in centre meant they were slowly able to peg a few back.

At half time Yeelanna had a ten goal lead – 24-14

Tumby brought Asha Trenberth on to GS and moved Ella Rodda in to WD, and UY brought Luke Chandler in to WA and Chloe Pollard in to WD.

Trenberth’s impact was immediate, shooting the first three goals of the quarter before accurate shooting from Murnane and Charlotte Wooley helped extend the lead out to 16 by three-quarter time.

Tumby fought hard to stay in the game, but Yeelanna were too strong.

Tumby’s Sarah Lawrie continued to work hard in goals and shot well.

Lacey Murnane was best for Yeelanna and Sarah Lawrie best for Tumby Bay.


Ramblers 37 def Tumby Bay 20

The first few minutes were erratic, with a turnover resulting in the first goal to Tumby Bay.

Neither team could find their rhythm, with the ball travelling up and down the court before the goalies could score.

After a close quarter, Ramblers led 9-7 at the break.

Ramblers WD Cindy Cabot took a clean intercept to start the second which found the hands of sister Sally Cabot for a goal.

Tumby defenders Georgia Pedemonte and Siann Cross stepped up the pressure in the ring making the Ramblers goalies work hard.

Ramblers centre Ava Pedler was reading the ball well and taking lots of intercepts, supported by GA S. Cabot.

Tumby GA Maisie Curtis had to work hard against tall defender Layla Forster, but worked the base line well for accurate shooting.

Ramblers led at half time, 17-9.

Tumby made changes, with Georgia Pedemonte stepping up to challenge Ava Pedler in centre and Kelli Anesbury moving in to GD.

Ramblers started strong, shooting seven unanswered goals.

The Tumby defenders stepped up their pressure, but Ramblers confidently led 26-15 at the break.

Tumby came out strongly, scoring the first two goals in the first two minutes to show they were still in the game.

Ramblers responded with three goals, with both teams stepping up their defensive pressure.

With just two minutes remaining Kelli Anesbury came off injured, but Ramblers maintained their momentum and took the game 37-20.

Ava Pedler and Cindy Cabot were best for Ramblers, and Kellie Anesbury was best for Tumby.