Clean sweep for Dahlitz

The Cummins Golf course was a vision splendid last Wednesday for the stableford competition and the final round of the Junice Bache Cup.

The blossoming wattles and the scent of the canola crops in full flower wafted over the fairways.

It was truly a sensory delight.

There has been little excuse for the fair weather golfers to not take the course this year, with an amazing run of fine weather for this season, and last Wednesday was no different.

Leah Carr had an Alice in Wonderland down the rabbit hole moment.

Carr teed off from the number four tee block only to see her ball hit a tree and take a left bounce to the ground.

With an iron in hand she strolled up to where the ball should have been to take her next shot.

A bit of scratching around the general location revealed no ball.

Carr happened to glance down a rabbit hole in the base of a stump alongside the tree and just glimpsed her ball deep down in the gullet.

She reached in with her stick to hook the ball out and instead of retrieving it; she sent it underground never to be seen again.

Tiff Firth had a momentary lapse of concentration with the longest drive pin for the 18th fairway.

She and her partner had teed off from the beginning of the 18th and chatted away as they made their way up the fairway and holed out.

But Firth still had the pin in her bag because she had not placed it on the fairway to mark her partner’s long drive.

Thank goodness Carr runs for fitness, and she promptly trotted back down the fairway with pin in hand to meet Kathy Modra and Carmel Sheehan coming up from their drives.

Stableford winner for the day was captain Fiona Dahlitz with 31 points. The runner up Intersport ball went to vice captain Tiff Firth.

Dahlitz was in fine form for the day, taking out the Eyre Travel nearest the pin ball on the 12th and the Longest Drive chocolate bar on the 18th.

Tomorrow’s game is the Shearing Quarters Stroke, the fifth round of the Putting Competition and the August Monthly medal.

Annie Minhard and Leonie Phelps are on tee duty and Leah Carr is hostess.