Imperial win tough one against South

Port Lincoln netball

Imperial 41 def South 39

With second position to be decided by this result, this game was always going to come down to the wire.

South started strong scoring the first three goals.

Gudzenovs in WD, Liddell in GD and Barker in GK were applying defensive pressure and working hard to stop the entry to Imperial’s front court.

Missed goals by Imperials were costing them dearly, whilst at the other end South’s goalies in Vlassco, and Delasalle shot truly.

Stott in WD rallied her troops late and with the last four goals of the quarter in Imperial’s favour, South held their lead by one.

With Imperial’s goalies in Pilgrim and Sawyer now finding their range, the deficit was quickly eroded and they opened up a three-goal lead late in the quarter.

Reidy for South, who had swapped the WA bib from C, was having a great duel with Stott, and was utilising her speed to set up the feed to her goalies.

She worked in quick tandem with Matena in C, however their space awareness was at times blocked by Hayman and Stott.

Reidy in GD for Imperial was starting to impose herself defensively, and her turnovers were crucial to Imperial winning the quarter by one, resulting in the scores being tied at 19 all at the break.

Francis for Imperial entered the court, replacing Stott, and Vlassco for South had also earned a break.

The younger Vlassco was bought back on into GA, after being rested for the second, and together with Delasalle they continued finishing Souths good attacking moves with accuracy.

With South’s Reidy now back to C, her tussle with Hayman became one for the highlight reel, with speed, intercepts and quick passing from both girls.

Hayman was feeding well to the quick hands of Pilgrim, who at times was able to find Sawyer on the quick drive under the post.

With Pilgrim becoming the focal point from defence to attack, she was steady and reliable whilst setting up Sawyer for the shot.

No team could shoot more than two goals in a row, ending the quarter with scores still tied.

Vlassco re-entered the court in GS, as did Stott for Imperial in WD.

The added height of Stott created a mismatch of height in South’s attack line which Stott used to her advantage in creating a special turnover.

Glover GK for Imperial did not let her side down, with her rebounding game becoming a feature.

Together with Reidy and Stott, their defensive game was strong; however attacking errors prevented Imperial hitting the lead.

In contrast, South looked to break the strangle hold early holding the mini break for most of the quarter.

With two minutes to go, and scores level Imperial’s Glover took an intercept, and Hayman and Semmler patiently waited for Sawyer who did not let her team down.

Scoring off their own pass to finish, resulted in a two goal win to Imperial.