Parnkalla trail upgrade a good idea


MOST pathways along the Parnkalla Trail are second-to-none but the wharf area of the trail has become dated and is somewhat confusing so it was good to hear that work had started on the upgrades last week. 

In the past Port Lincoln Times stories on the upgrades have not had an overwhelmingly positive response but it is an area that needed some attention.

The work will include a new trail surface, better definition of the trail, road linemarking, a boardwalk crossing at the historic Troubridge Ferry docking point and interpretive signs.

The area is the entrance to the city for the thousands of cruise ship passengers who arrive each year and it is used every day by by locals and tourists.

All the users of the area need to be able to do so safely.

Some members of the community have raised their concerns about the cost of the $1-million upgrade in the past, however half of cost of the first stage being is being covered by Flinders Ports.

The fact that Flinders Ports have come on board to help fund part of the project also highlights the importance of the project, not just to the council but to the industries that use the area as well.

The redevelopment of the trail at the wharf not only keeps the public safe in an industrial area, it will no doubt give the people that work there a bit of peace of mind too.

However, with work now underway down there, the area is probably a touch more confusing so it would probably be a good idea for those using the area to pay extra attention.


ABOUT half a tonne of rubbish was estimated to have been collected off Boston Island at the weekend on trips organised by Adventure Bay Charters.

The page three story is one in a long line of stories the Port Lincoln Times has published recently about the amount of rubbish washing up on the coastline.

That initiative of the charter company to involve the community in cleaning up the island was great to see, and shows the organisation’s commitment to the future of marine wildlife.

Activities such as these and the number of people who attended the clean up show how much people living in the region truly care about the environment and its future.