Students learn about diversity

Kirton Point Primary School is celebrating culture week, with numerous activities being held to help the students embrace this year’s theme, understanding diversity. 

Each year the school celebrates culture week by learning about different countries and inviting an entertainment group to perform at the school.

School principal Heather Curtis said she first introduced the idea when she joined the school in 1996. 

“It’s really important, as there’s a whole world out there of people who think, act and eat differently to us.

“We wanted to introduce them to diverse cultures to promote understanding and acceptance, because everybody and every culture has value,” she said.

“Some of our students don’t get interstate or outside of Port Lincoln, so it’s important for them to learn about all of these different countries.”

Ms Curtis said students enjoyed culture week each year and they were embracing the diverse entertainment, food and art.

“I’ve had ex-students asking me if I still run it when I see them around town.

“Students always say it’s the best week and that they will really miss it when they move onto high school.”

On Monday, the students were treated to three Ukrainian dancers from Adelaide’s ‘Volya Ukrainian Cossack Dancers’ group, who taught the students about their culture, food and traditional dance.

The school will also learn about Indigenous Australians, Indonesia, India, Nepal, Guatemala, Portugal, South Africa and Turkey.