Cummins team makes grand final


Both finals came down to the tiered doubles with Cummins defeating Yeelanna and Yallunda Flat defeating Tumby Bay.


Cummins 16 def Yeelanna 14

Cummins progressed to the grand final after their close win against Yeelanna, who have a second chance next week.

Cummins won seven matches in the first round of singles to Yeelanna’s three.

Cummins won three five game matches, with Darryl Holley winning against Dion Anderson, Caro Miller winning against Bradley Philips and Matt Guppy defeating Roy Modra.

However, Yeelanna fought back and took out the first round of doubles three to two.

The second round of singles was even, five each.

Cummins players Vince Diment, Troy Branson and Caro Miller all had wins in five games, whilst Yeelanna’s Greg Hurrell won in five against Cummins’ Matt Guppy.

It came down to the last doubles, which Yeelanna again won three out of the five but it was not enough and Cummins came away with the win.

Best for Cummins was their captain Troy Branson who won all four of his matches.

Yeelanna’s best was Greg Hurrell who also won four.


Yallunda Flat 16 def Tumby Bay 14

Yallunda Flat kept their season alive with a close win over Tumby Bay and will face Yeelanna in the preliminary final next week.

The first round of singles was even with both teams taking five each.

Two close five game matches were won by Tumby Bay.

Reece Fordham defeated Isaac Telfer and Marc Hanning won against Tom Baldiserra.

However, Yallunda Flat took a slight lead after the doubles winning three out of the five matches.

Yallunda Flat won the closest double in five, with Tim Roediger and Tom Baldiserra defeating Jake Rogers and Marc Hanning.

The second round of singles went the same as the first with both teams even.

Tumby Bay were again strong in the top singles winning four and Yallunda Flat were able to even it up winning four of the bottom singles.

Two five game matches were won by Tumby Bay’s Reece Fordham and Marc Hanning.

The tiered doubles was the same as the first round of doubles with Yallunda Flat wining three out of the five, which game them the win for the night.

Yallunda Flat’s best were Malvern Telfer, Lisa Fitzgerald, Lorraine Dunn and Carmel Sheehan who all won four.

Reece Fordham and Richard Hennell were Tumby Bay’s best also winning four.

This week’s match will be in Cummins at 7.45pm between Yeelanna and Yallunda Flat.

Set up will be from 7.30pm and players are asked to bring a small plate of supper.