Trevally around at Coffins

We finally had good weather over the weekend, but most anglers struggled to get on to whiting.

The lucky, skilled few that managed to find them reported they were good sized, but bites were light and not aggressive.

Now for what was biting and where.


The salmon competition is coming to a close, but there were a few nice schools of salmon right along the coast.

Talia and Locks Well have been consistent for walmon up to four kilograms.

Whiting have been hard to find in the bays, and the windy conditions have not helped boaties at all.


King George whiting were reported averaging around 30 to 34cm coming from boaties fishing around the area.

Farm Beach boaties reported great sessions on whiting in all depths of water.

Big schools of silver trevally were reported. Trevors to 1.5kg have been landed and are a fun option if whiting are not around.

A few nannygai, blue morwong and gummy sharks have been landed offshore, squid baits were the best in the deeper water.


Mixed sized squid are being caught in great numbers from Boston and Proper bays, they varied from small to decent sized tubes.

Murray Point proved a reliable land based location for squid, with best results from anglers fishing sunset.

Yellowfin whiting are holding in decent sized schools out the front of the Limani Motel, but did not bite often.

Salmon are along the Sleaford to Wanna coastline with schools of fish up to four kilograms.

North Shields had reports of the odd flathead from north of the jetty and yellowfin whiting south of the jetty.

King George whiting were caught by boaties fishing McLaren’s, Taylors, and Carcass, fish did not bite all the time, but were good size when they did.

Squid were also reported from these areas in decent numbers.


There is plenty of squid in the area, so try the jetty or any weedy areas.


Sixteen members fished the event between Wisemans Beach to Lone Pine area.

Overall winner was Trevor Prow who also won heaviest fish with a 3.31kg salmon.

Division winners: veterans: first: Michael Brown with 35 points; second: Leon Paterson with 6.20 points; men: first: Trevor Prow with 192 points; second: John Peters with 170.60 points; ladies: first: Donna Peters with 25.50 points; second: Vicki Brown with 23.40 points; juniors: first: Riley Peters with 156.90 points

The next event is be on September 9 to Frenchman. Leaving the clubrooms at 8am.