Tasman defeat Mallee Park in first semi final

BREAK AWAY: Tasman's Boyd McCurry moves the ball away from the pack as Mallee Park's Graham Johncock attempts a tackle.
BREAK AWAY: Tasman's Boyd McCurry moves the ball away from the pack as Mallee Park's Graham Johncock attempts a tackle.

Port Lincoln football

A GRADE – Tasman 17.7 (109) def Mallee Park 7.9 (51)

TASMAN’S midfield dominance led to a 58-point win against Mallee Park in the first semi final on Saturday.

The first quarter was an even affair with the two teams getting plenty of inside 50s, but it was the defences at either end that were shining.

For the Peckers Jerome Ah Kit-Burgoyne put pressure on forwards and forced turnovers while Quade Ware read the ball well and created the running option out of defence.

At the other end Jace Rodda attacked the ball and cleared it out of the defensive 50 while Jackson Tansell, Nathan Frost and Chase Tucker also added to that defensive pressure.

The tight defence, on top of contested football in the midfield, led to one goal apiece, from Peckers’ Ky Miller and Roosters’ Brent Harris, as Tasman held on to a 1.3 (9) to 1.1 (7) lead at quarter time.

Tasman set up the win in the second quarter, built by winning contests, using effective disposals and setting up space to run the ball into their 50.

It began with Rhys Kelsh in the ruck who won the majority of tap outs to hit his teammates in the square.

Boyd McCurry with contested possessions and disposals moved the ball forward while Rhyce Beinke and Kody Rosalia showed great pace with their run and carry.

This all led to several scoring shots for Tasman, resulting in two goals each for Ben Daniels and Johann Wagner, as well as Beinke and Brodie White.

Mallee Park continued to apply attacking pressure and took advantage of turnovers but Tasman’s defensive pressure kept the Peckers to a sole Graham Johncock goal from five scoring shots to set up a 30-point half time lead.

The Peckers continued to fight in the third quarter and had the first three shots on goal but scored two behinds.

The Peckers’ attack was driven by the effective run from the likes of Kingsley Bilney Jnr and Jayden Roderick while Ky Miller stood up at centre half forward as a reliable marking option.

They were soon rewarded with a goal from Michael Burgoyne but soon Tasman would turn the momentum in their favour.

Tasman found space to set up uncontested possessions to create corridors into their 50, Daniels in particular presented a big scoring option and slotted three goals for the quarter.

Three more Tasman goals created a match winning 59-point margin at the final break.

McCurry had a great fourth quarter with his disposals, second efforts and setting up his teammates for runs down the wing while Jacob Collins got the centre clearances.

Goals from White and K. Rosalia, as well as two more from Wagner capped off a great game for the Roosters.

Mallee Park looked to be competitive to the end, kicking four goals of their own, including two from young gun Waylon Miller, as Tasman ran out winners 17.7 (109) to 7.9 (51).

B GRADE – Tasman 11.9 (75) def Wayback 4.5 (29)

Tasman had a dominant performance in their first reserves final match since 2011, defeating Wayback by 46 points in the first semi final.

Wayback drew first blood as a Damien Taylor kick towards goal was picked up by Rohan Montgomerie who slotted a goal.

The Demons looked to play contested football against the faster Tasman midfield.

They were also well served by Riley Hatcher in the ruck who was tapping the ball down to his teammates.

Tasman scored two goals this quarter through Andrew Frick, who was set to have a big day up forward, while Wayback earned another through Sam Franklin.

The Roosters had more opportunities in front of goal but also kicked three behinds for a narrow two-point lead at quarter time.

Tasman started to find their rhythm in the second, showing great pace and ball movement through the centre.

Cade Wright was having a big day with his clearances through the middle, as was Coen George with his interceptions and drive back into the centre.

This resulted in Tasman having at least nine shots on goal to Wayback’s one or two.

The Roosters scored majors through Jyrah Miller, Chris Baird and Wright, as well as another two for Frick while the Demons managed the sole behind to trail by 33 points at half time.

Tasman started well with a quick goal from Joe Sheehy followed by a second for Miller and eventually a fifth from Frick.

Wayback continued to attack the ball in the middle, Steven Parsons played a big part with his centre clearances while Jack Hegarty and Anthony Ianniello racked up possessions in the midfield.

But what they could not get were shots on goal as Rooster defenders including George, Inti Aburto and Craig Bascombe forced turnovers.

Murray Kelsh would give the Demons their first goal since the first quarter, but Tasman were in the driver’s seat and lead by 45 points at the final break.

Wayback start off well with Kelsh getting his second goal but Tasman’s defence still denied the Demons from shots on goal.

Hegarty and Parsons continued to use the ball well in the middle while Franklin’s attack helped get the Demons inside 50s.

Tasman’s controlled the majority of play but a few shots on goal went wide as the Demons applied their own defensive pressure.

Frick finished the day with his sixth goal and shortly after the siren sounded to cap off a great day for the Tasman reserves.

UNDER 17 – Tasman 17.12 (114) def Mallee Park 3.4 (22)

A strong Tasman side were too good for an undermanned Mallee Park, winning by 92 points in the first semi final.

Tasman went forward early but a few shots at goal went wide.

Mallee Park managed to get close to their 50 a few times before Tasman’s defence cut them off.

Tasman scored their first goal after ruckman Lachlan Webb took a pack mark in the square.

George Wilks stood up early for Tasman with his drive and attack of the footy, as did Cooper Perham who racked up possessions off the flank.

For the Peckers it was Ronald Carbine in defence with his intercepting marks and spoils, denying Tasman shots on goal all day and Waylon Miller who showed great pace and inserted himself into contests.

Miller kicked the Peckers’ first goal but Tasman found an answer through Harrison Izzo, who set himself up for a big day up forward.

The Peckers scored goals through Miller and Leonard Wells to be one point down at quarter time.

The two defences continued to prevent scoring opportunities in the second quarter while in the middle it was toughly contested as both teams put their heads over the ball.

Carbine continued to deny certain Tasman scores while Sam Casanova stood up for the Roosters to run the ball down the wing.

Izzo would score the only to goals for the quarter to give Tasman a handy 14 point buffer at half time.

The lack of a bench and rotations started to take its toll on Mallee Park in the third as they struggled to stay competitive against the fresher Tasman side.

This was evident on the scoreboard as the Roosters slotted nine goals for the quarter, including a fifth for Izzo and three from Billy Wheare who was also having a big day out.

The Peckers were kept scoreless as Tasman blew their lead out to 70 points at the final break, putting the game out of all doubt.

Mallee Park tried its best to be competitive in the final quarter, Carbine along with Craig Kropinyeri-Miller took rebounding marks in defence while Miller continued to show great pace and Wells slotted his second goal.

But with their control of the midfield contests and centre clearances Tasman finished strongly with four goals to run out winners.

Best for Tasman were Izzo, Wheare, Casanova and Haebich and for Peckers Carbine, Kropinyeri-Miller, W. Miller, Wells and Grant Wanganeen.

UNDER 15 – Tasman 6.7 (43) def Lincoln South 2.3 (15)

The Tasman under 15 side won its way through to a preliminary final in two weeks after getting on top of a persistent Lincoln South in Saturday’s first semi final.

After winning with a mercy rule the week prior, Tasman found the going a whole lot tougher against South in the final. 

The Eagles had six fresh faces into the team and the other players lifted to give the Roosters a fight.

South kicked the first goal through Barry Speed from a good passage of play set up by Zac Kenny and threatened with several forward thrusts to see the Roosters scrambling to find their feet.

Tasman did respond with two goals through Joseph Harris and Max Murray to take the lead into the first break.

Elijah Males was up and about in the first quarter for the Eagles, as was fellow runner Barry Speed.

Tasman lifted in the second quarter with a much better performance, in particular from Joseph Harris, who was in everything around the ground and in the air.

The Roosters kicked two goals through Cambell Waller and Lachlan Green, but were down to 17 players as Alex Westcott coped an injury to his arm.

Jevan Horton kicked the Eagles’ only goal for the quarter in a good solo effort, but South kept coming and Tasman had to fight hard to get clear and lead four goals to two at the half time break.

Tasman kicked a goal through Tom Ambrose in the third quarter but couldn’t break through for another major. 

The Roosters had most of the play in their forward 50 but poor kicking for goal and tenacious defence from South combined to see the Roosters add only three points late in the quarter.

The intensity died down in the last quarter with just the one goal again from the Roosters through Tommy McNab right on the siren.

South were very good all over the ground, but the defenders stood tall, particularly Jordan Wanganeen who floated around to pick up numerous kicks.

Tasman were best served by Joseph Harris, Daniel Gobin, Cambell Waller and Toby Casanova, while South’s best were Barry Speed, Jordan Wanganeen, Jamayah Craig and Darby Glass.

The Roosters will have to improve dramatically if they are to have any hope of winning the preliminary final, while South can hold their heads high after a very good effort.

UNDER 13 – Marble Range 6.5 (41) def Wayback 2.4 (16)

This game was worthy of what  Elimination Finals are all about played with total commitment and courage personified by both teams.

The tackling by both clubs and the players support to their team mates was their for all to see.

The first quarter saw the Rangers raid their forward 50 six times to kick three goals and the pressure on Wayback to reply was asked and they did so by going forward five times but the Rangers back half stood firm with strong clearances.

The scoreboard at the first break told the story with the Rangers leading by 19 points having kicked 3.1 (19) to Wayback two big zeroes.

From that point on Wayback lifted all over the ground and the ''battle of all battles'' was on in earnest as the tempo lifted the tackling became brutal and the ball movement had both groups of supporters in the game.

Wayback lifted and the number 15, worn by Jaxon Hart, with all that he had put his heart and soul into a big effort to lift his teammates to kick their first goal of the day and Paul Oscar down the back and the on-ball effort by Bailey Fraser and Kade Mullins helped inspire the team.

The efforts of number six for the Rangers Latrell Sumner found plenty of the ball and his run and carry continually turned back the Demons.

With the likes of Kaleb Oestmann, Malaki Rasmusse, Will Symonds, Mitchell Pearce and Zade Hearfield the Demons managed to kick the lone goal and go to the long break leading by 19 points.

The second half would see the Rangers kick three points from their six entries into the forward 50 against a much harder Wayback Demon who were now getting an equal share of the ball in the midfield but could only manage the one goal to Jason Hart to trail the Rangers by 15 points.

The last quarter would again see the Rangers midfield run hot and their back half clearances had the Demons under pressure and kick two last quarter goals and run out convincing winners by 25 points.

The Rangers’ number six Latrell Sumner kicked his second goal for the game and his run and carry throughout the game played a big part in the Rangers win who now sit and wait to see what club they play in the Port Lincoln under 13 preliminary final.

Very much an enjoyable game to watch from our under 13 players who are the future of Port Lincoln Football.