Eagles fight hard for win

COLTS: Ramblers' Ethan Parsons lays a tackle on Cougars' Fergus Burns in the colts match at Lock. Picture: Meryl Weetra.
COLTS: Ramblers' Ethan Parsons lays a tackle on Cougars' Fergus Burns in the colts match at Lock. Picture: Meryl Weetra.

Great Flinders football

B GRADE – United Yeelanna 11-8 (74) def Tumby Bay 5-3 (33)

The game started as a very physical contest with both teams going in hard.

Tempers were flying after a big hit on United Yeelanna’s A. Renolds-Rowe in the centre of the ground with a small tussle following the hit, showing a little flair in a lacklustre start.

A small forwards crumbing snap from under C. Prime see’s Tumby Bay with the first goal of the game.

Quick ball movement from the bounce by the Eagles got the ball deep into their forward lines where J. Murnane marked and goaled.

At the end of the first it was United Yeelanna with a two-point lead in a low scoring physical affair.

The physicality continued but Tumby Bay were able to get the ball in front of C. Prime who was able to goal.

Eagles’ J. Kidney was giving good drive from the wing, he put a long bomb deep into the goal square where M. Haylock marked and goaled.

Haylock kicked another and A. Pobke was able to get a goal after a great run down from the centre of the ground by A. Renolds-Rowe.

United Yeelanna’s A. Lawrie was mopping up across the half back line giving them good drive going forward.

Tumby Bay’s D. Flemming was doing well through the midfield but the Eagles had the lead at the end of the second 4-6 (30) to Tumby Bay 2-1 (13).

Good ball movement by Eagles’ midfield resulting in T. Phillips hitting M. Haylock on a good lead who went back and put it through a little unconvincingly.

Tumby Bay broke from the centre well hitting C. Prime on the lead who also got a 25m penalty putting him on the goal line where he put it through with ease.

Tumby Bay, with a quick clearance by D. Flemming, put the ball in the hands of C. Prime again who did not let his team down.

United Yeelanna were able to get the ball forward into the hands of A. Pobke who was able to goal.

Young R. Doolan was able to get a long goal home late in the third to see United Yeelanna extend their lead 7-6 (48) over Tumby Bay 4-1 (25).

Eagles started the final quarter with good ball movement getting the ball into their forward consistently with A. Lawrie racking up possessions across half back and sending it deep into the forward lines where R. Doolan scored after repetitive entries.

Tumby were able to get it forward on one occasion where C. Prime made the most of the opportunity with another.

Eagles held the ball in their forward half putting on a couple more goals to run out winners in a physical, hard-fought game.

COLTS – Ramblers 10-23 (83) def Cougars 2-5 (17)

Ramblers started the first quarter with the ball spending most of the time in their forward half.

Ramblers scored first through J. Richardson after a good passage of play by J. Nettle.

Ramblers’ forward was working well with J. Richardson’s movement in the forward line putting him on the end of another good pass from H. Pedler to kick his second.

Ramblers seemed to dominate the first, but Cougars J. Gale and B. Laube’s pressure meant the ball was in their forward line a bit more late in the term.

Ramblers were on top early in the second but inaccuracy in front of goal was letting them down.

After repeated entries T. Crettenden snapped truly to give Ramblers their first goal for of the second quarter.

Consecutive goals by Ramblers gave them the run on with T. Crettenden and J. Richardson showing good presence up forward and midfielders E. Langly and J. Forster delivering the ball well.

Cougars’ J. Gale, A. Connor, B. Laube and S. Dobbins continued to defend well.

Ramblers took a comfortable lead into the half time break.

Ramblers continued to push the ball forward in the third getting the ball into the hands of dominant forward J. Richardson who kicked his fourth.

A few careless 50s saw Cougars get their first goal by I. Treager half way through the third quarter.

Ramblers seemed in control but inaccuracy in front of goal was letting them down with Ramblers 9-16 (70) leading Cougars 1-3 (9).

J. Richardson’s dominance up forward continued for Ramblers as he kicked his fifth from directly in front.

Cougars’ got the ball deep into their 50 where J. Gale crumbed and goaled for Cougars’ second major.

Ramblers controlled a lot of the play in the final quarter, but inaccuracy was plaguing them.

Ramblers ran out winners in a hard-fought game.