United Yeelanna show finals form on court

Great Flinders Netball

A GRADE – UY 53 def Cougars 51

United Yeelanna had three on the board before Cougars scored through Lisa Smith.

Cougars were relentless in defence but feeding to Yeelanna goalies by Sarah Dyer was impeccable.

Hannah Luter’s accuracy and Lisa Smith’s work rate and aerial skills shone.

Yeelanna steadied to lead at the break 13-10.

Yeelanna defenders Cassie Norton and Jess Harris worked tirelessly with a few tips and made hard work for Amy Fuss and Lisa Smith.

Tegan Modra and Ana Ackland had a good tussle through the centre, and Zoey Phelps and Kate Hancock ran the centre with speed and drive.

UY led 24-23.

Changes saw both teams midcourt intensity lift.

Amesha Meyers and Taylor Glover gave plenty of options and drive for their respective teams.

Persistence paid off and Cougars took the lead three minutes into the quarter.

At the end of a hard-fought quarter Cougars came off with the upper-hand to lead 35-33.

Yeelanna settled well and evened the score 10 minutes into the fourth.

Both sides kept pressure over the ball down the full length of the court and at time scores were level and players had to re-group for time-on.

Yeelanna opened with pressure and determination to lead by three, drawing a large vocal crowd.

Amy Fuss’s brilliant shot on time lifted the excitement, but Yeelanna’s patience and persistence paid off and they kept their nose ahead to take the game 53-51.

A RESERVES – UY 41 def Cougars 35

The quarter started goal for goal but a poor pass from Cougars WA resulted in the first turnover by UY.

Eagles defence, especially by Heather Norton, were able to pick up loose balls, resulting in a lead of five at the first quarter break.

Cougars started the second quarter with a few quick goals as they closed the gap to be within one goal at the seven-minute mark.

Molly Burns fought hard in the ring, but came off for the blood rule.

Cougars GS Emily Miller did well, converting with two defenders on her.

By half time UY led 18-16.

Katherine Carr and Holly Campbell provided great feeding and assistance to their goalies, helping UY lead 29-25 at the last break.

Again, a settled UY extended their lead early.

Bec Pedler and Feebi Hazelgrove fought hard in defence with great intercepts bringing Cougars back to within four, but the Eagles’  team effort, pressure down the court and their ability to convert turnovers saw them confidently finish 41-35.

B GRADE – UY 38 def Cougars 29

United Yeelanna started with the ball, but strong defensive work made it hard for the attackers to find their shooters.

Eagles’ goalies started to find space in the ring and their accurate shooting saw them take the early lead, with their defenders Crysta Robins and Jenni Carr applying strong pressure on CK goalies Josie Turnbull and Kimberley Agars.

Eagles hit the ground running in the third, scoring three unanswered goals.

Cougar defenders Demi Letton and Tori Dahlitz stepped up their defensive work in the ring.

Cougars were making forced errors which UY were quick to capitalise on. At half time UY 20 led CK 12.

Cougars moved Eliza Nelligan in to GA and Caitlyn Martin to WA, and Yeelanna moved Julie Gerber in to C.

Yeelanna maintained their lead throughout the quarter.

Hayley Ness worked hard in centre, but UY confidently finished the quarter 29-19.

Cougars took the first goal, but UY answered with three quick goals.

Good rebounding by Dahlitz and good movement through the centre saw Nelligan sink beautiful goals, but Yeelanna sailed in to the grand final, finishing the game 38-29.

B RESERVES – Cougars 24 def Ramblers 22

Ramblers started with the ball but scrappy play saw the ball travel back and forth before Tess Redden scored the first goal for Ramblers.

Ella Green replied for Cougars before Ramblers settled to get a run of goals, with GA Hannah Mickan and GK Peta Berryman using every opportunity.

Ramblers sent the ball to the ring several times before they could score.

Bernie Crettenden was strong in defence, but Cougars picked up valuable turnovers and had to work hard in the ring.

Cougars capitalised on the momentum to get a couple of quick goals, before Ramblers goaled on the whistle to lead 15-9 at half time.

Maggie Siegert and Ella Green found their groove for two quick goals.

Sadie Fuss deflected a lot of balls in WD for Cougars.

Green took a one-handed rebound and shot the goal to see Cougars pull ahead by one at the break. Ramblers started with the ball for the final quarter, but a turnover saw Cougars score.

Cougars’ Kerri-Anne Lock took an impressive intercept to see her team lead by two.

Desperation by both sides showed as the clock ticked down, but by the final whistle Cougars held on to take the game 24-22.

D GRADE – Ramblers 46 def Eyre United 33

Both teams came out strong and determined.

Saints goalie Georgia Stratford’s accurate shooting gave her team confidence, while Ramblers goalies Lily Nettle and Nakita Kennerley were working well together.

Ramblers had a four-goal lead by quarter time.

Saints’ C Tayla Milligan stepped up to keep her team’s momentum going.

Mackenzie Walter was making it difficult for Saints’ goalies to capitalise on passes into the ring.

Olivia Turner worked hard to slow Rambler GA Lily Nettle. Ramblers led 27-16 at half time.

Saints’ Mardi Masson was strong in attack. However, Nettle and Kennerley dominated in the Ramblers goal circle finding the ring from anywhere in the circle and pushing the lead to 37-25 at the final break.

Saints brought on Jessie Sheehan who had an immediate impact.

Britney Milligan worked consistently in WA, but Ramblers were strong down the whole court to take the game 46-33.

E GRADE  – Cougars 43 def UY 40

Yeelanna started with the first centre pass and converted. Cougars answered straight away.

Yeelanna GA Elsie Maddern was positioning well, using her centre court players on the ring to convert.  Bree Shepperd for Cougars and Riley Modra for Yeelanna were having a great contest at C, and scores were tied at 11-11 at quarter time.

Cougars started strongly in the second with a couple of quick goals before Yeelanna answered through Alinta Dingwall.  Scrappy play took the ball up and down the court before Cougars took the lead.

Defensive pressure forced goalies to shoot from further out, but Cougar GS Maya Radford shot accurately to maintain their lead at half time, 22-16.

Yeelanna swapped Georgia Robinson from defence to shooter, Jayden Landers to GD and Maya Glover to WD.

Cougars GA Holly Gale lifted her team with accurate passing and shooting.

Good forward movement from Georgia Robinson kept Yeelanna in touch, and capitalising on valuable loose balls to give her team a one goal lead at the final break.

The lead changed frequently with accurate shooting and great defensive pressure.  After a tight tussle and mature play from all on court, Cougars won by three, 43-40.