Zarli photographed the sunrise for 365 days

Zarli Foster has become known as the ‘sunrise kid’, after spending an entire year photographing the sunrise.

The 10-year-old said her and her father, Cameron Foster, came up with the idea after discussing goal setting.

Zali said she wanted to achieve something so she set herself a goal to wake up early and take a photo of the sunrise.

“We came up with the idea for me to wake up early and do something before school,” she said.

“If I’m a bit slack Mum or Dad will help me get up, but I normally wake up on my own and go take the photo,” Zarli said.

“My bedtime is 8.30pm, but I normally fall asleep around 7.30pm.”

She said she wakes up most mornings around 6am, and that her grandma decided to tag along on Tuesday to help her take her 365th sunrise photo.

“Grandma is one of my biggest supporters, and my aunties, as they are always liking and commenting on my posts each day,” she said.

Zarli said her younger brother Benji Foster, was six-years-old, and did not enjoy the early mornings.

“I fall asleep before my younger brother.

“Benji could be called the sunset kid, because he goes to sleep after me.”

Tuesday morning marked the 365-day mark for the year five Navigator College student’s project and Zarli said she would celebrate the milestone with either a special breakfast or her favourite meal for dinner, fish and chips from the local pub.

She has also created a Facebook page, named ‘The Sunrise Kid’, which has more than 100 likes, to document her year journey and to show her friends and family the sunrise each morning.

“Sometimes even my friends parents like and comment on my photos, but I know it’s actually my friends” Zarli said.

Zarli even managed to take her sunrise photos while on holidays in South Australia, Victoria and the Northern Territory.