Farm skills helped in science win

Cummins Area School students have once again shown their science and engineering prowess by placing second in the Science and Engineering Challenge state final on August 30.

Middle school science teacher Claire Stephens, who helped take the 32 students over to Adelaide for the challenge, said students were involved in eight different activities on the day.

She said students had to build an earthquake proof building, make flat pack furniture and create the lightest and strongest bridge as well as participating in problem solving activities such as sending codes.

The students came first in creating an earthquake proof building and making the lightest and strongest bridge and finished second overall on the day behind St Peter’s College.

Ms Stephens said she was pleased with the result of the school and said the school’s performance in these competitions was due to the focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects.

“There’s a big STEM focus,” Ms Stephens said.

She said having students who come from farms also helped as they usually had problem solving skills.

The challenge’s regional coordinator, Shaun Thomas, said it was “brilliant” to see a regional area school do so well up against “fairly well funded private schools.”