Boston Vista on show for Open Gardens SA

Boston Vista will showcase its impressive young garden to the public next weekend as part of Open Gardens South Australia.

Karen and Richard Miels bought their Howard Avenue property about four years ago, before they transformed the landscape into what it is today.

Mr Miels said his wife was the creative mind behind everything and that he just tried to keep up with her ideas.

The young garden is full of native flora, roses, succulents, shade-friendly plants, fruit trees, op-shop finds and a vegetable patch.

Mrs Miels said it was a global decorative garden, but that it had been difficult with the run-off and soil saturation issues they encountered.

“I’ve always gardened, but once we moved here from Adelaide it took another form.

“It’s another form of art, just with plants.”

Mr Miels said they worked hard on drainage and built their garden in tune with the environment.

“Our vision was to have a property which was energy and resource efficient.

The garden runs on rainwater and Mr Miels said they stored 130 kilolitres for the gardens and orchards.

“We use the enviro-cycle to water the roses and we also have a pump-out recycled water treatment system.”

Granite rock features heavily, as over 3000 tonnes were unearthed during the excavation for the house.

The granite was used to create a 163-metre feature wall and Mrs Miels said they continued to find granite every time they planted something new or added a feature.

Half of the proceeds from the weekend will go to Koppio Hall and the Leukemia Foundation, with the rest going to Open Gardens SA.

Boston Vista at 125 Howard Avenue is open September 15 and 16, from 10am until 4.30pm. Entry is $8, but free for anyone under 18.