Riders hone cattle work skills at clinic

CLINIC: Lisa Wiseman and Oakey weave their calf through the witch’s hats. Picture: Dapper Crow Photography.

CLINIC: Lisa Wiseman and Oakey weave their calf through the witch’s hats. Picture: Dapper Crow Photography.

They say in life when one door closes another one opens and with the cancellation of Wudinna Team Yarders ranch sorting event there was an opportunity for a Trent Allen Horsemanship clinic to open up in its place.

A group of riders, mostly from lower Eyre Peninsula, relished in the opportunity to learn some new skills and hone existing ones.

The clinic began with horsemanship skills and then progressed to both cattle work and mechanical cow exercises.

There was plenty of laughter supplied by Lynny Fauser (riding Mate) and Lisa Wiseman (riding Oakey) not to mention the words of support and encouragement which were warmly received by the other clinic participants.

Due to circumstance beyond her control, Caro Meyers arrived after the session had begun but quickly brought herself up to speed and was soon working cattle with the rest of the group.

Although still young and at his first official outing Billy, the Coffin Bay brumby ridden by Stella McGeever, approached the cattle work and obstacle course with great enthusiasm. Stella’s encouragement boosted Billy’s confidence.

It was also the first clinic for Cooper’s Cash ridden by Pearl Dessart who was cautious at first but progressed well throughout the weekend.

He especially enjoyed working the cattle and was glad not to be ‘eaten’ by the trampoline obstacle.

The two worked well as a team and practiced a number of skills they will use in the upcoming Lower Lakes Stockman’s Challenge.

Lily Dessart, riding her horse Colorado (on loan for the clinic from the Allen family), continued to grow in confidence and ability. At one-point Lily was asked to ride holding the flag.

It wasn’t until it was pointed out to her that she realised she had been riding with one hand.

Soon after she was also riding without stirrups.

Wudinna local Aspen Harris and her pony Rarity enjoyed the new experiences and challenges that the clinic offered.

Two thirds of the group decided to end the day with an evening trial ride, weaving through some scenic bushland and returning at sunset.

Day two greeted participants with an extensive obstacle course.

Riders began by collecting a circular section of tyres from the starting barrel, weaving in and out a series of witch’s hats, placing the tyre on a second barrel, riding to the next marker, removing an orange flag and waving it before returning it to the cone.

From there it was on to the large café style umbrella which required the rider to hold on to the edge of the umbrella (still mounted) and ride a full rotation and then traverse a trotting pole sideways.

A ‘Z’ shaped arrangement of trot poles was the next obstacle to traverse, finishing up the course by returning the tyre ring to the first barrel.

Riders were then challenged to take a calf through the witch’s hats, around barrels and over trotting poles in a pattern.

This was done individually and also as a group of three and once again provided a great deal of entertainment for all.

Everyone had an extremely enjoyable weekend and returned home more than satisfied with their achievements.

Trent Allen Horsemanship and Wudinna Team Yarders can each be contacted via their Facebook pages.

The next Wudinna Team Yarders event will be held in conjunction with the Wudinna show on September 15 and 16.