Bring project to life with Art Squad

TIME is running out for people to apply for Art Squad, a new dedicated program for creative people aged 18-23 living in regional, rural or remote South Australia.

The program is geared toward people who want to build their own creative career and make things happen in their communities.

Creative producer Alysha Herrmann said she wanted to get the word out to every “nook and cranny” of regional SA to ensure creative young people had the chance to apply for the intensive development program.

Once selected each member of the squad will be supported to develop and bring to life a creative idea they have in their own community.

“Each of those projects might be very different depending on the location of the Art Squad member and their particular interests – projects could be anything from producing a regular band night, to setting up a small regional theatre company, to producing an experimental fashion show, creating a photography exhibition, running a community writing project or developing a video game that tells local stories,” Ms Herrmann said.

“The important thing is how those projects develop the skills, networks and experience of Art Squad and how it positively contributes to their community.”

The Art Squad will include about nine individual projects happening across the state with each member leading their own project in their own community.

“It’s about doing it with a group of like-minded peers and being able to bounce off each other, learn together and share failures and success and I’ll be there providing producing support and broad mentoring to help the Squad ‘level up’,” Ms Herrmann said.

Ms Herrmann said she would also work with each individual member to devlelop and support their own personalised professional development plan.

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