PHOTOS | Potential bumper harvest

Fortunes have turned around since the potentially driest start to seeding for Lower Eyre Peninsula farmers who could be in for a potential bumper crop this harvest.

Carr’s Seeds agronomist Denis Pedler said farmers had learnt from the 2017 season’s dry start and dry seeded so the plants could establish themselves as soon as rain hit.

“The early sown crops are way in front of anything sown later,” he said.

“(They were) ready to take as much rain as they could.”

Mr Pedler said farmers could expect to be getting more than 2.5 tonnes of canola per hectare, between four and five tonnes per hectare for wheat, and barley farmers could be expecting between three and four tonnes per hectare.

He said the “very dry” conditions in May and June caused concern for some farmers, however average to above average rainfall in July and August had some farmers thinking they could be in for a great harvest.

Mr Pedler warned people against being too optimistic as there was still a period of possible frosts for farmers to contend with.

“Only need one or two frosts...close to 0 degrees can smoke a whole crop,” he said.

“If we get a run of hot days with no subsoil moisture….that can basically fry some of the crop.”

He said 50 millimetres of rain per month over the next two months would be a good finish to the season for farmers.