Blessed to share cultural experience

Tony Perks

Tony Perks

I have done many touristy things this trip, I've visited temples, waterfalls, snorkeled with giant trevally, and visited beach clubs, but I also had an experience I will never forget. My friend Win invited me to a ceremony for his daughter turning six months old.

This trip is my second to Indonesia in just a few months and I have been staying with Win’s family since 2003. I am treated as if I am a part of their family and this event was no exception.

I was helped into a sarong and my beautiful partner Heather was given traditional Balinese clothes for the special occasion. The blessing of Win’s daughter took most of the afternoon and had many unique amd intricate aspects.

The priest arriving was out of this world and you could be forgiven for thinking their God had actually walked into the home, ladies sang for hours on end and music played by four talented men was non-stop for two hours.  It was a colourful and very religious experience.

Around 150 guests were treated to chicken, pork and other delicious Indonesian dishes before the place went into party mode.

Many drinks were had and good times shared well into the evening, even 24 hours later I am still mind blown as to how we were invited into the special occasion.

Even the gift I got for Win’s daughter was delivered to me wrapped nicely by another lovely friend of mine named Ida. Once again I was looked after very well here. I’ve shared many times how I love this beautiful country but yesterday was a real pinch myself day. 

To see my beautiful Heather on her first trip here all dressed up and being welcomed into such an amazing cultural experience has been one of the biggest highlights of my travels.

To think in a few days I’ll be back in Port Lincoln at work when this story is in the Times when I am typing this story from the beach in Sanur is almost too hard to imagine. Once again Indonesia and its beautiful people have me wanting to book my next trip back.