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Great Flinders netball


Cougars 56 def Ramblers 41

Ramblers scored on their first centre pass with a nice swish from Kira Symonds, but Cougars did not take long to return one back.

Ramblers’ Paige Dahlitz in goal keeper and Cougars’ Lisa Smith at goal shooter were both fighting hard with Dahlitz taking some nice intercepts to get the ball back to her goalies to score.

The Magpies got up by five early on with Mikaela Richardson running rings around the defenders creating space, but then getting there herself.

However, Cougars pulled out the wallet and went on a scoring spree levelling the score with about five minutes to go and then going up by three at the first break, 16 -13.

The second quarter start had spectators as confused as a honey badger in a house full of mean girls and Ramblers scored off a Cougars pass.

The young Ramblers goalies stepped up and shot some nice goals to keep with Cougars.

Dahlitz continued to clean up at keeper for Ramblers as the Cougars’ centre court tried to force the ball into Smith and Fuss.

Sydney Claughton was also putting the pressure on at wing defence to allow Dahlitz and Burrows to take the intercepts.

Ramblers levelled the scores again, but as quick as they did Cougars stepped up again and were off like a bride’s nightie, scoring five in a row.

After a couple more goals from both sides Cougars kept the lead as they jogged it in at the major break 29-24.

Ramblers switched Dahltiz and Burrows in defence.

Jess Nielsen and Amelia Dahlitz made it hard work in the Ramblers’ goal end putting the pressure on the young goalies and not letting them have too many opportunities to shoot,  with Dahlitz having a purple patch with at least four intercepts.

Amesha Meyers and Brooke Pedler were both going hard at it in the centre – both tougher than woodpeckers lips – creating plenty of options for their respective sides.

Lisa Smith found the ring and did not miss many in the quarter and with some text book shooting from Fuss as well they helped their team take a 13-goal lead into the last break.

Ramblers made changes to try and stem the flow of goals, but Cougars kept moving forward.

Mikaela Richardson had a string of goals before Smith shot again for Cougars.

Ramblers tried their guts out to peg Cougars back, but a great team game from the Cougars side – from the quiet achiever Zoey Phelps to Lisa Smith who holds better than a well-built building in a tornado – helped them get a big win to have a crack at redemption against United Yeelanna.


Ramblers 40 def Cummins Kapinnie 39

Ramblers began the game with the first centre pass but it was Cougars who scored the first two goals.

Cougars WD Feebi Hazelgrove took a spectacular intercept to assist her team.

Ramblers GA Mary-Anne Mickan was active early in her movement and shooting.

Halfway through the quarter scores were tied at five-all. 

Cougars’ goalies Emily Miller and Molly Burns were being well fed by Ashlee Harbottle and Kiahn Nayda.

Ramblers GK Laura Hall took a timely intercept to stop Cougars run and her goalies rewarded her effort.

Cougars went into the break one goal up 9-8.

Ramblers swapped Megan Briese and Lucy Fitzgerald for Madeline Crettenden and Mackenzie Walter.

Cougars’ WD Feebi Hazelgrove continued to read the play and took another vital intercept.

The two centres Nayda and Sophie Blacker were having a good contest.

Cougars’ GA Molly Burns’ movement in the ring helped them maintain a slight lead at half time - 21-20.

Ramblers’ Mickan put her team in front early in the third quarter, creating a focal point for her team with her holding and accurate shooting.

Moroney was rebounding and deflecting well, assisted by GD Bec Pedler.

Molly Burns and Feebi Hazelgrove were lifting their team with nice shooting from Burns and drive from Hazelgrove.

The battle between tall Ramblers GK Laura Hall and Emily Miller was entertaining, with Miller doing her trademark long bombs and Hall rebounding strongly.

Cougars were in front by four but the momentum swung Ramblers way to be up by one goal, 31-30.

Ramblers began the quarter with Lucy Fitzgerald coming on at WD replacing Megan Briese.

Rebecca Pedler was causing her opponent grief with the tight defence and deflecting.

Cougars took the first two goals of the quarter to retake the lead with Miller and Burns gaining confidence as their shots dropped.

Ramblers’ Blacker was working hard through the midcourt to assist her team to draw level at the halfway mark of the crucial last quarter.

With a minute to go scores were tied and with the ball in Cougars’ ring Ramblers managed a timely rebound to convert and win the game in the last ten seconds by one goal.

Best for Ramblers was Sophie Blacker and for Cougars was Feebi Hazelgrove.


Ramblers 37 def Cummins Kapinnie 32

Both teams had to work hard for goals in the initial minutes as nervous players took time to find their throwing range.

Ramblers made the most of a dynamic intercept by GD Amy Charnock and inaccurate delivery into the ring to take an early lead.

Cougars’ goalies Josie Turnbull and Eliza  Nelligan were able to steady towards the end of the quarter.

Ramblers had the best of the first 15 minutes leading 9-7.

Kerry Claughton and Darcy Crettenden entered the game for Ramblers but this did not disrupt their flow.

Midcourt players from both teams worked hard as the ball travelled up and back.

An injury to Cougars GS brought Hana Green into the game.

Gemma Crettenden GK rebounded well and she punished any inaccuracy from Cougars’ shooters.

At half time Ramblers 19 led Cougars 11.

Cougars made significant changes with Tara Phelps going in to WA, Caitlyn Martin to C and Tori Dahlitz to GK.

Play proved to be much closer but the Rambler defence Gemma Crettenden, Amy Charnock, Darcy Crettenden and Kerry Claughton blocked up Cougars’ space and it delivered them numerous turnovers.

Cougars’ WD Hannah Burns continued to apply strong pressure to Ramblers’ attack but the score difference was still eight at three quarter time.

Cougars made a determined start and scored from an early turnover.

Ramblers brought Amy Crettenden in to WA, Kate Blacker to GD and Kerry Claughton to WD and Bonnie Morris back in to C.

Tori Dahlitz rebounded well when the Ramblers goalies missed and Cougars made the most of this.

A frenetic final quarter ensued with Cougars drawing within four goals with five minutes to go.

Ramblers weathered the onslaught and maintained their steady lead to finish the game five goals ahead.

Best for Ramblers was Charli-Jane Holden and for Cougars was Hannah Burns.


Ramblers 41 def Lock 32

Ramblers scored the first goal after a turnover from Lock’s centre pass.

Ramblers’ strong defence of Bernie Crettenden and Matilda Ford was making it hard for the goalies to move, but a few loose passes saw Lock take advantage and convert.

Hannah Mickan was strong in goals for Ramblers, but the gusty wind was causing trouble for the shooters at both ends.

Ramblers took their early lead in to the first break 8-5.

Pressure from Lock saw them take a clean intercept to get the first goal of the quarter.

Crettenden’s pressure and ability to read the play saw her take valuable intercepts, which team mate Tess Redden managed to goal.

Lock WD Alyssa Siebert stepped up her pressure down the court, and two successful turnovers saw them goal.

Ramblers began to take charge of the game, slowly pulling away to be 21-13 ahead at half time.

In the third Crettenden kept Lock shooters Anne-Marie Baines and Maddisen Kammermann working hard to find space, while at the other end GK Alex O’Neil kept a beautiful three to not give away any free shots.

Ramblers GA Hannah Mickan was driving well to the ring and providing lots of opportunities for feeders.

A late surge by Lock saw the momentum turn as they closed the gap to be just seven behind, 22-29.

Lock dug deep for the final quarter, showing strong team spirit, but Ramblers were able to maintain their pressure with Tess Redden’s accuracy in goals rewarding turnover efforts.

Lock GK Alex O’Neil tried to halt Ramblers’ drive but scrappy was affecting both teams.

Kammermann scored some beautiful goals for Lock, but Ramblers were able to maintain their lead to win.

Best for Ramblers was Hannah Mickan and for Lock was Maddisen Kammermann.


Eyre United 54 def United Yeelanna 37

Eyre United came out firing shooting the first three goals unanswered.

Saints’ pressure down the court caused Yeelanna a few headaches and held balls.

Lacey Murnane drove hard when opportunity arose and Saints’ midcourters Mardi Masson and Tayla Milligan were giving plenty of drive and passing to goalies precisely, and their goalies answered with accuracy to take the lead into the break – EU9 – UY 6.

Yeelanna swapped both wings and intensity was high in the first few minutes.

The Saints took a while to get their eye in at the windy northern end but they blew the score out to six before they were pegged back to within three.

The accuracy of Saints’ goalies Allyce Fatchen and Georgia Stratford kicked in and at half time they led Yeelanna 21-16.

Saints brought on fresh legs in WD Britney Milligan while UY remained unchanged.

Yeelanna defenders Dakota Cafuta and Lily Glover worked tirelessly but had few rebounding opportunities.

Tayla Milligan turned over countless balls which were capitalised on by the Saints.

They controlled this quarter forcing Yeelanna to make silly errors, EU 38 to UY 22.

Yeelanna brought on fresh legs at WD, GK and WA, but the Saints accuracy and hunger for the ball widened the lead and ran out winners.

Best on court for Eyre United was Tayla Milligan and for United Yeelanna was Lily Glover.


United Yeelanna 36 def Ramblers 35

Ramblers took the first centre pass, but after several attempts were unable to score and a turnover saw Yeelanna first on the board, followed by a second.

Ramblers mids Ava Pedler and Asha Ward were working well around the ring to help even the score.

UY’s Lara Maya was playing tight on GS Holly Crettenden.

The lead seesawed as play settled and both teams were scoring off their centre passes.

An injury saw UY make changes, but Ramblers led 9-8 at the whistle.

Yeelanna’s mid court capitalised on turnovers to take back the lead but Ramblers were quick to respond to even the score.

Ramblers GK Tilly Mickan pulled in a few timely intercepts, but UY GA Elsie Maddern found the ring just before time to keep Yeelanna within a goal.

Yeelanna WA Jessica Crosby started the third quarter with a clean intercept to send UY into attack.

Two intercepts by Ava Pedler gave Holly Crettenden the opportunity to put Ramblers ahead by three.

Yeelanna GK Jayden Lander was beginning to get her hands to rebounds, and patience feeding to their goalies began to pay off.

Ramblers stretched the half time score to lead 24-22 at the break.

Yeelanna lifted their work-rate and were first to loose balls to put them one up, until a missed shot saw Ramblers even the score again.

Desperation led to scrappy play, and at the final whistle the scores were tied.

Ramblers were first to score in extra time, but Eagles scored the next two then got picked for a held ball through great covering defence from Ramblers.

As they swapped ends, Ramblers were down by two, 34-32.

Yeelanna were first to score off their centre pass, quickly followed by Ramblers.

Scoring was going with the centre pass and by the final whistle, UY were just able to hold their lead.

Best for UY was Elsie Maddern and for Ramblers was Ava Pedler.