Thinking outside the box for rubbish issue

As seen in the page four story in today’s Port Lincoln Times, local resident Ashley Cowley is urging the Port Lincoln City Council to follow a council’s lead in Western Australia when it comes to collecting the rubbish that flows out of our storm drains.

Mr Cowley has seen what Kwinana City Council has done in Perth with installing two drainage nets at storm water outlets in one of its local reserves.

Through its trial from March to July the council had collected 370 kilograms of debris from the nets.

This could be an equally great initiative for Port Lincoln, especially as many people have been finding plenty of plastic, glass and other rubbish items ending up on the Port Lincoln foreshore.

The council has decided to look into it and some of the councillors expressed interest in such a measure to remove the rubbish from the beach.

The Port Lincoln Times has covered many stories about rubbish and pollution when it comes to debris ending up in our local ocean.

Of course people should consider limiting their use of disposable containers and any rubbish people do have should always be put in a rubbish or recycling bin.

However, there will always be a chance that some rubbish will end up in the street, and maybe in our storm drains that end up in the ocean.

An effort like this has already shown merit with the results seen at Kwinana City Council so it should be considered as an option to help our local beach, and in turn the wildlife that live there.

No doubt the council will have to consider any costs associated with such a measure, such as repairs, preventing blockages and clean up, but these costs could be small compared to the long term benefit it could bring.

Will this be a silver bullet solution? No, the storm drains are not the only source of rubbish on the beach, and there is still plenty that will likely end up on beaches from numerous sources.

However, this shows that outside the box thinking can help find solutions to ongoing problems and it can be just one piece of a much bigger puzzle.