Port Lincoln Art Group's annual exhibit

‘Making a splash’ – these words conjure up a variety of meanings.

They could be a literal meaning or used as a metaphor.

This is exactly what the Port Lincoln Art Group has done in interpreting the theme for their annual art exhibition.

The opening will take place on Friday September 28 at the Walter Nicholls Gallery at the Nautilus Art Centre.

Making a splash in their lives through art is certainly how some members have approached the theme.

Painting what they are passionate about, whether it is in the form of seascapes, flora, animals or landscapes.

Other members have woven the theme into the actual art piece.

Look for titles such as “Don’t Splash!”, “A Splash of Spring”, “Create a Splash!” for examples of this approach.

The theme also led a member to experiment with actually splashing paint directly at the canvas.

At least three artists are presenting ‘still life’ work that came about while exploring reflective and transparent surfaces.

The three artists also looked at the accompanying splashes of light on glass to work into their pieces.

All of the artworks in the exhibition will be for sale.

The local art group said all artworks have been painted by artists of all levels and that they are constantly challenging themselves to improve their skills.

Everyone is welcome to attend the opening on September 28 at 6:30pm at the Port Lincoln Nautilus Art Centre. 

The Port Lincoln Art Group’s annual exhibition will run from September 28 until October 13.