Teams have work cut out

A GRADE: Cougars' Lisa Smith and United Yeelanna's Jess Harris and Cassie Norton fight for the ball when the teams met in the second semi final.

A GRADE: Cougars' Lisa Smith and United Yeelanna's Jess Harris and Cassie Norton fight for the ball when the teams met in the second semi final.

Great Flinders Netball


Cummins-Kapinnie v United Yeelanna

This game should be nothing short of a tough, physical game between Cougars and United Yeelanna.

With their second semi-final match going down to the wire with just one goal in it after time-on, this match will make for great viewing. Both teams are well matched.

Cougars shooter Lisa Smith’s strong hold and aerial work will be paired with Cassie Norton’s speed and agility in defence, while at the other end Jess Nielsen and Amelia Dahlitz will be tough in defence against Hannah Luter and Alyssa Skinner.


United Yeelanna v Ramblers

Height and strength in defence for both teams will make for tight competition between United Yeelanna and Ramblers.

Midcourt players Sophie Blacker and Lucy Pedler for Ramblers and Katherine Carr and Holly Campbell for Yeelanna will be closely matched in speed and drive, and are expected to apply strong attacking pressure during the game.

Maryann Mickan and Ali Ward in goals for Ramblers will need to work hard against Yeelanna GK and GD Heather Norton and Bri Modra.

The team who can work through the defence to feed to their goalies could take an early advantage in this game.


United Yeelanna v Ramblers

The  B grade should prove to be a close encounter. 

Ramblers tall ring defender Gemma Crettenden is very hard to rebound against and uses lots of space in the circle, and this will make it hard work for the Yeelanna goalies Britt Glover and Jess Phillips. 

In the other circle Yeelanna defenders Crysta Robins and Jenni Carr will have to work hard to keep the accurate Charlie-Jane Holden from dominating. 

The centre court should see some strong match-ups, with veterans Zan Cafuta and Kerry Claughton offering their respective teams great skills and on court direction.

Very little has separated these teams all year so expect this grand final match to be a tough battle.


Cummins-Kapinnie v Ramblers

After staging a major come-back half way through their game to win their spot in the grand final, Cougars will go into this semi-final re-match with confidence.

However, the depth of experience in their Rambler opposition will make this a tough battle.

Experienced Rambler defender Bernie Crettenden will make young Cougars’ goalies Ella Green and Maggie Siegert work hard, while Louise O’Leary’s drive and feeding will provide pressure in attack.

Cougars’ defender Karli Slater and mid-court Megan Stephens will be quick to capitalise on errors, with both teams fielding the numbers to add fresh legs.


Ramblers v Eyre United

This grand final should see some awesome young talent on display and will be a tightly fought contest. Saints’ goalie Allyce Fatchen returned from injury last week for her team take a win and a full team into the grand final.

However, Ramblers have been dominant through the season with goalies Nikita Kennerley and Lily Nettle combining well, supported by Lara Howard-Ham in the centre and Mackenzie Walter in defence.

Saints’ Mardi Masson and Tayla Milligan will be looking to stop Ramblers’ drive and put pressure over the ball in what looks like being another tough battle.


Cummins-Kapinnie v United Yeelanna

Being able to stand up to the pressure of a grand final and not make unnecessary errors will be a key factor in this game.

Cougars’ goalies Holly Gale and Maya Radford will play a pivotal role and United Yeelanna defenders, Jayden Lander, Georgia Robinson and Lara Mayo will need to apply strong defensive pressure to stop them.

The centre court will be tightly contested with Riley Modra and Bree Shepperd playing key attacking roles for their teams.

Elsie Maddern and Alinta Dingwall combine well in goals for the Eagles and will face a strong defensive combination of Grace Burns and Shaya Parker-Borthwick.

This game could go either way and will be a very high standard junior game.