Letters to the editor

Response to ‘greed costs’

I write in response to Audrey Lienert’s letter on August 30, 2018 regarding the proposed National Radioactive Waste Management Facility.

Ms Lienert has raised some good points which are important to answer.

This will be a safe, secure state-of-the-art facility that consolidates in one place the waste that is currently held in many locations in communities all around Australia.

Before waste is relocated to the facility it will be conditioned into immobile non-reactive waste-forms held inside secure packages and then placed into purpose-built enclosures so that there is no material risks to the environment, workers or the community it is in.

This waste is largely the result of important scientific and industrial research and nuclear based medicines that directly benefit, on average, one in two Australians during their lifetime.

With these benefits comes a responsibility to develop long-term solutions to the comparatively modest levels of waste products.

The ANSTO campus at Lucas Heights does not have the room to host the 40 hectare facility for all of Australia’s low and intermediate waste.

The Lucas Heights campus operationally is 70 hectares in size and already features some 80 separate buildings.

Yes the campus has a large unused buffer zone but much of this is not suitable for construction and certainly not suitable for long-term waste disposal.

Wherever the new facility is located will safely and securely store low-level waste for hundreds of years and intermediate-level waste for several decades.

It will also provide small communities with a stable, long term economic activity that creates jobs and investment.


Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

Thanks for Foodbank support

We would like to say a big thank you to Lower Eyre Peninsula residents for their incredible support of Foodbank this winter through the Woolworths winter fundraising appeal.

With demand for food relief outstripping supply, you have significantly helped warm-up winter for some of the most vulnerable people in the community.

Sixteen years and 16 million kilograms of food donated -  that is the equivalent to over 30 million meals donated to Foodbank by Woolworths since our partnership began in 2002.

And this winter, thanks to Woolworths customers, that number is growing even larger, providing much needed help to some of the 3.2 million Australians who require food relief assistance each year.

By generously adding so many $2 Foodbank tokens to shopping trolleys, Lower Eyre Peninsula residents helped us reach our national goal of providing 762,948 meals to Australian families in need.

With each $2 token enabling Foodbank to provide four warming meals, South Australia contributed 108,224 meals.

With 40 per cent of food insecure households families having dependent children, the funds raised during the winter appeal have helped struggling families make ends meet.

Thank you once again for your generosity at a time of year when families most desperately need assistance. Woolworths’ aim of supporting the growing need for hunger relief and helping feed millions of Australians in need would not have been possible without your support.


Woolworths Port Lincoln store manager