Create a day spa at home

Clean up your bathroom game: Bring the spa experience home with a few thoughtful additions to your bathroom.
Clean up your bathroom game: Bring the spa experience home with a few thoughtful additions to your bathroom.

After a long week at work, some time spent at your favourite spa spot would be very welcome. 

A massage, a facial and a hair treatment can be just the thing to help you relax and unwind, getting you ready for the next week ahead. 

But visiting your local beauty salon can sometimes be out of the question. Especially when the only time you get to indulge is after normal business hours. 

However with advances in bathroom technology, you are now able to bring the spa experience home. 

Bathe with a view

Design your bathroom with the view in mind. A picture window is a great way to allow your senses to relax. Bathrooms were once poky spaces with small windows, but new trends have bathrooms seeking similar views to bedrooms these days. 

Include a wet room

Creating a wet room in your bathroom means your bathroom can become a steam chamber, allowing your body to relax and be immersed in moisture. 

Walls will need to be fully waterproofed and tiled and by using heated floor tiles, the temperature will remain steady no matter what the season. 

Drenching shower heads

After applying a full body scrub, a drenching shower head is the most luxurious way to cleanse the body. 

The drenching shower heads on the market today are large enough to cover your entire body and will make you feel as if you’ve dived into a warm pool. 

They are a great way to warm up and allow your body to relax.

Plunge bath

Taking bathing to the next level is a bathtub built into the floor of your bathroom.

You can step in safely and immerse yourself in luxury. Include a hydrotherapy bath and allow the jets to massage and relax your body. 

The healing power of water is well known. Since Roman time, people have been using the therapeutic qualities of water to cleanse, heal and relax the body. By adding essential oils to the water, you will be able to add to the relaxing sensation. 

Smart bathroom

Technology is making it’s way into the bathroom. You can create a high tech bathroom with features such as heated toilet seats, remote controlled water temperature, touchless faucets, timed showers, timed heated flooring, mood enhancing lighting, programmable music piped in and waterproof televisions. 

Create a haven to escape to in your home and think about spa options in your bathroom renovation or rebuild.