GALLERY | 2018 Great Flinders Grand Finals

Great Flinders football

United Yeelanna 16-13 (109) def Tumby Bay 3-4 (22)

United Yeelanna outclassed Tumby Bay in the A grade with a polished and clinical team performance. 

Although Tumby tried hard it became pretty clear after the first quarter the undefeated Eagles were not going to let this one slip.

Tumby kicked to the northern end, assisted by a strong, cold, southerly wind. 

Play was tough and tight until Tumby, with the use of the breeze and run from the likes of Franklin and Murphy, broke through Yeelanna’s defence to kick two in a row.

James in the ruck, Norton and Glover were having a great duel leaving midfielders with no real clear advantage.

Yeelanna, kicking into a stiff wind, put together quality link-up play to draw level midway through the first quarter, banging on two goals to big gun forward Havelberg. 

Tumby had the majority of the ball in their forward lines.

Scores at quarter time had Tumby leading 2-3 to Yeelanna 2-1.

Despite not capitalising Tumby would have felt they were in the game but had to somehow restrict Yeelanna and use their runners to score into the wind. 

With Havelberg providing a clear target up forward and Michael Crettenden at his elusive best Yeelanna had the first four goals of the quarter. 

Watson was looming as a clear match winner getting plenty of it out the middle. 

When the ball did get past the centre, the likes of Jericho, Matt Crettenden, Glover and Dyer mopped up along the back half. 

Scores at half time were Yeelanna 8-7 while the Blues failed to register and remained on 2-3.

A remarkable turnaround had to take place if Tumby had any chance going into the third quarter. 

Franklin kicked Tumby’s third for a glimmer of hope but it was snuffed out by Havelberg kicking his fifth or sixth.

Tumby battled hard to get it forward with Lawrie, Franklin and James in the middle. 

The back line of Yeelanna was solid with Ben Carr and Skinner prominent on the last line. 

Yeelanna increased their lead at the final break to lead 10-9 to 3-4 and with the wind at their back there was going to be no respite for Tumby. 

After a solid three quarters Xavier Watson stamped his name on best on ground kicking three long bombs to start the celebrations for the Eagles.


Ramblers 8-4 (52) def United Yeelanna 6-3 (39)

A strong, cold southerly greeted the players from Ramblers and the Eagles in the B grade grand final.

The Eagles started favourites after having the wood on the Magpies during the year and going straight through to the grand final.

Ramblers had done it the hard way winning two close, hard-fought finals and they also had a few injury concerns going in.

However they did benefit from the A grade side not making the final and were able to play three regular A graders in Haarsma, Jordan Darling and Ben Franklin. 

The Eagles won the toss and kicked with a two to three goal breeze which payed off with a goal in the first minute to Matty Haylock. 

Ramblers were able to work the ball forward into the breeze a couple of times but could not find a target. 

Lenard Lawrie created a chance for the Eagles after some good work in traffic, but Jarrod Manners missed an easy shot on goal.

Haylock kicked a great running goal soon after and the Eagles were looking the goods. 

Manners was getting plenty of the ball for the Eagles across half forward and for Ramblers, Scotty Blacker was getting plenty of touches and was a player that the Eagles were going to have to watch. 

Ramblers pushed players behind the football in the second half of the quarter and this was successful as the Eagles were unable to add to their lead in the last 10 minutes of play.

Eagles 2-1 to Ramblers 0-0 at the first break.

Ramblers did not take long to get on the score board with Adam Haarsma kicking an opportunistic goal from deep in the pocket. 

Kit Williams missed an absolute sitter from directly in front, but it did not matter as Haarsma kicked his second after a strong contested grab. 

Ramblers were only trailing by a point with plenty of time in the quarter left. 

Ramblers were gaining control in the middle with Barnes giving his on-ball brigade first look at the football and they hit the lead when Shawn ‘Bunga’ Fitzgerald kicked truly after he was awarded a free kick.

Ramblers moved to two goals up after Will marked uncontested near the point post and was able to steer it through. 

They were giving their forwards plenty of opportunities, but the Eagles seemed reluctant to stick numbers behind the ball.

Will capped off a good quarter with a clever snap from 35 metres out and at half time it was Ramblers 5-2 to Eagles 2-2.

The Eagles came out with renewed vigour and they were rewarded with a soccered goal by Haylock. 

Ramblers pushed many players back in defence to try and clog up the Eagles’ forward line, at times there were no players in the Eagles’ half of the ground.

The Eagles were desperate as they realised if they were to have a chance of winning they had to be in front at the end of the quarter. 

When The Parcel, formerly The Package, Haarsma swooped on the ball on the wing, dodged an opponent, had a bounce, showed the label to another, had a second bounce and dribbled the ball through from 35 metres, you had to wonder whether this goal into the breeze would be the deciding factor at the end of the game. 

The rest of the quarter was a tough dour affair with scrambly passages of play.

The Eagles played into the hands of the Magpies by bombing it into their forward line which made it easy for Ramblers’ defence.

The Eagles needed someone to stand up and Aaron Lawrie did just that, with two goals in as many minutes to have the Eagles only trailing by five points at three quarter time. Ramblers 6-2 (38) to 5-3 (33).

Yeelanna started full of run, pushing the ball forward, but were finding it difficult to hit their targets.

Alex Reynolds Rowe kicked a clever goal for the Eagles which saw them trail by only a point.

The intensity in the game lifted and the players knew that every possession would be critical to the outcome.

Scotty Blacker broke a tackle in the mid field and kicked long to Kit Williams who kicked true after a contested mark. Jamison Povey took an intercept mark and kicked a great goal from 40 metres, Ramblers were up by 13 points.

The siren sounded soon after which saw Ramblers win.

A well-deserved win to the Magpies, who played the conditions and used the ball better going forward. 


Ramblers 9-8 (62) to Cougars 5-6 (36)

Cougars won the toss and decided to head to the northern end, getting first use of the blustery breeze.

The opening five minutes were typical finals like football, both teams were hard at the contest, resulting in scrappy play.

It seemed as though Ramblers had settled first and were working hard into the breeze.

James Richardson was a focal point across half forward for Ramblers and was having a great contest with Cougars’ Alastair Haeusler. 

Ramblers mid-fielders Jed Forster and Jeb Nettle were in everything and provided some good link up, while Cougars were kept in the contest by some solid defence from Fergus Burns.

Cougars worked their way into the quarter and started to give their forwards some good opportunities. 

It took until the 15-minute mark for the first goal to be kicked, coming from Cougars’ tall forward Brodie Laube. 

A Ramblers reply was not far away after some hard running and a brilliant second effort from Forster.  Ramblers were working harder than Cougars and when Fynn Speed marked and goaled, Ramblers had their second for the quarter.

At the end of the first it was Ramblers with a handy lead, considering they were kicking into the breeze.

Forster started the second like he finished the first and Ramblers were doing all the attacking. 

Ethan Parsons started to find more of the football for Ramblers and he kicked his first at the five minute mark.  Ramblers were peppering the forward line and when Parsons kicked his second, they were three goals clear. 

A rare inside 50 to Cougars and sloppy tackling saw a couple free kicks and a mark and goal to Adrian Conner.

Cougars 203 (15) to Ramblers 4-4 (28).

You could sense some urgency from the Cougar mid-fielders and when Jayden Gale goaled at the three-minute mark, the game was in the balance. 

Gale continued his good work and hit the scoreboard again with a good mark and goal from 40m out.

Against the tide Richardson found Nettle, who then found Tom Crettenden but he could not finish truly.  

Cougars worked the ball straight back down to their end and kicked another goal through Charlie Shepherd, giving them the lead for the first time in the game.

Nettle was working hard in and under and finding plenty of the football for Ramblers and Cougars’ ruckman Seth Dobbins was giving everything he had.

It was Parsons again to goal against the flow and when Richardson worked it to him soon after, he kicked his fourth and put Ramblers back in front.

A strong mark in defence from Toby Modra had the crowd yelling ‘Modra’ to round off an entertaining quarter.

Cougars 5-4 (34) to Ramblers 6-4 (40).

There was some hard but scrappy football to start the last but when Speed was awarded a dubious free in front of goal, he made the most of it and kicked Ramblers’ first for the quarter. 

Minutes later Richardson marked and goaled and it looked as though Ramblers would run away with the win.

Burns was holding strong for Cougars although any forward thrust was being mopped up by the Rambler defence with ease.

When Parsons goaled at the 12-minute mark, the game was all but done. Burns and Gale battled to the end but Ramblers walked away with the chocolates.

Great Flinders Netball

A GRADE – United Yeelanna 50 def Cummins Kapinnie 42

The pace was cracking for the A grade grand final. 

The Cougars crowd were vocal but Yeelanna held steady and patient for the quarter. 

Cougars shot first goal off the first centre pass and it remained goal for goal until halfway through the quarter when Yeelanna capitalised and were up by five. 

Accuracy was strong for both teams with only a miss each. 

Umpires were hot on their three seconds making ball play very quick.

Yeelanna were more relaxed and patient, working the ball with ease and taking a lead into the first break, 14-10.

Cougars returned from the break with the first goal and high pressure. 

The tension was felt and heard on the court. 

Cougars had two on the board before Yeelanna answered. 

A deflect off Cougars’ GA Amy Fuss’s shot by Jess Harris saw Yeelanna lift and remain in control. 

Feeding to Cougars goalies and beautiful movement by Lisa Smith still could not tame Yeelanna’s momentum, and they were up by five at half time, 25-20.

Cougars moved Ana Ackland to C, put Amesha Meyers in to WA and brought Zoey Phelps in to WD and the changes paid off. 

Defensive pressure by Phelps and the drive of Ackland in C caused Yeelanna a few headaches. 

Yeelanna defenders Jess Harris and Cassie Norton worked tirelessly but the feeding to Smith was impeccable. 

Cougars had the first three goals and a sniff of the lead before Yeelanna answered.

Cougars steadied and worked hard at everything. 

Yeelanna struggled to get the ball into the circle and Cougars capitalised. 

At the final break Cougars led by one, 35-34.

There were no changes into the last term and Cougars had confidence firing. 

Eagles remained calm and composed. 

Kate Hancock took some beautiful intercepts and Jess Harris read the ball well in defence to turn over to Yeelanna’s advantage.

Eagles’ WD Tegan Modra provided plenty of drive and space coming out of defence. 

The fat lady started singing with three minutes left of the quarter, and when Norton took a great intercept and the ball moved straight down to the hands of GS Hannah Luter who shot the goal finishing the game for Yeelanna. 

Best on court: Kate Hancock.

A RESERVES – Ramblers 36 def United Yeelanna 34

Ramblers scored the first two goals before the Eagles retaliated with the next four. 

The ball went back and forth for the next five minutes with no score as both teams settled into the game. 

Yeelanna’s defensive pressure was tighter than a pair of high waisted jeans in the 80s – probably similar to the ones that Heather Norton would have rocked. 

Ramblers Lucy Pedler and Yeelanna’s Bri Modra were having a tight battle on the wing – both for who has the curliest hair, but also providing plenty of options for their respective sides. 

Ramblers pegged a couple back to stay within one at the first break. 

It was the battle of the Crettendens as Maddy for Ramblers in goal defence kept check on Chloe in goals for Yeelanna, both playing some great Cretty netty. 

The game went goal for goal as neither side were able to get the advantage of scoring on turnovers. MaryAnne Mickan was moving well in the Ramblers goal ring and shooting with the patience of the Dalai Lama. 

The Eagles girls got a run on and scored four in a row, but like the week before it did not take long for Ramblers to peg back the scores to level, before Yeelanna went up by two at the major break. 

Katherine Carr for the Eagles was getting her hands to plenty of balls through the centre with the elevation of a gazelle being followed by a bus full of tourists in Africa. 

Carlyn Manners had settled into the game with some nice movement at the kneecaps of Laura Hal and she helped the Eagles get up by four again. 

Heather Norton was showing her finals experience keeping her team calm while having a crack at every ball that came her way. 

The crowd got restless as time was called to wash blood from the ball, but it gave both sides time to settle. 

After that scrappy bit of play the pocket rocket centres in Holly Campbell and Sophie Blacker settled their sides and provided plenty of drive for their respective teams and as the ball swung back and forth to each end they had plenty of work to do. 

Three quarter time and the game was in the balance with Eagles up by one. 

Talk amongst the crowd was would we see the fifth overtime game of the finals and spectators were nervous.

Ramblers scored first to level the score and it was going goal for goal. 

Ali Ward remained calm under pressure from Chelsea Mickan who had been making it hard work for her all day. 

The score was level half way in and goalies had uncharacteristic misses with the tall defenders grabbing up any rebounds. 

Ramblers finally got the lead but scores got back to level again which was when MaryAnn Mickan stepped up. 

A shot of adrenaline saw the Magpies swoop and all the way down the court the Ramblers girls were stepping up. 

Mickan shot three in a row with confidence and her long bomb from the centre third into Ward got them four goals in front.

Yeelanna scored another two on the run but they had run out of time. 

Best on court was Ramblers Sophie Blacker with Katherine Carr best on for the Eagles

B GRADE – Ramblers 31 def United Yeelanna 30

It was a slow start from both teams before goals were scored at each end. 

Tight body-on-body defence saw intercepts and the ball changing direction regularly. 

Clean drives and shooting by Britt Nield opened up the UY attacking end and quickly set up a four-goal lead for the Eagles. 

Eagles were in front at quarter time, 8-3.

Solid and persistent defending from Ramblers was complimented by their shooter’s performance at the other end, helping the Magpies to close the gap. 

Ramblers Amy Charnock in GD forced goalies to work hard, while GK Gemma Crettenden rebounded well.

Yeelanna centre Elise Launer stepped up the midcourt pressure, but Ramblers closed the gap and at half time the scores were UY 15 to Ramblers 13.

The Eagles’ Zan Cafuta provided consistent deliveries to her goalies, and Ramblers GA Charli-Jane Holden continued to shoot beautifully. 

Both teams were well matched and Ramblers kept Yeelanna to just seven scoring shots to bring the scores even at 24 a-piece at three-quarter time.

Both teams showed desperation in the final quarter, with Kerry Claughton relentless in C for Ramblers and Jenni Carr chasing every ball in GD for UY. 

A turnover by Crettenden saw Ramblers sneak ahead by two goals at the half way mark.

Crysta Robins in GK leapt on valuable rebounds, as did her counterpart Gemma Crettenden. 

Yeelanna closed the gap but Ramblers held on to take the game by just one goal.

Best on court: Charli-Jane Holden.

B RESERVES– Ramblers 34 def Cummins Kapinnie 28

Cougars started with the first two goals, but both sides showed great pressure over every pass and a fantastic intercept in defence by Ramblers Peta Berryman led to a much-needed goal for Ramblers. 

Tilly Ford played great defence through the mid-court and this helped Ramblers level up at seven all at quarter time.

The second quarter started goal for goal. 

Both teams benefited from great feeding. 

Cougars C was driving well through the centre, with GA Ella Green working hard to create space in the ring. 

Ramblers however found their rhythm towards and this helped them take a five-goal lead into half time.

Peta Berryman intercepted in defence and helped Ramblers score the first goal of the quarter. 

Karli Slater for Cougars stepped up the pressure against the Ramblers shooters but it was not enough to stop the accuracy of Hannah Mickan. 

A late quarter surge by Cougars showed promise of a come back before a settler by Rambler’s Tess Redden just before the break ensured a four-goal lead at three-quarter time – 28-24.

The final quarter started with scrappy play as the pressure of the final term was felt by all. 

It was Cougars who responded first, bagging the first three goals of the quarter. 

The defensive combo of Crettenden and Berryman managed to stem the onslaught of Cougars pressure and helped their team settle and reclaim a five-goal lead late in the quarter. 

The final score was Ramblers 34 defeated Cougars 28. Best on court was Ramblers WD Matilda Ford.

D GRADE – Eyre United 45 def Ramblers 41

Ramblers started with the centre pass and after a couple of turn overs they scored the first goal through Lily Nettle. 

After three goals from Ramblers, Saints scored their first through Allyce Fatchen. 

Saints’ C Tayla Milligan was feeding beautifully and took several clean intercepts, and even with a recent ankle injury Fatchen was impeccable. 

Ramblers GS Nikita Kennerley was creating beautiful space in the ring.

Saints were up by two at quarter time, 8-6.

After a beautiful passage of play Saints scored the first goal of the quarter. 

Jamison Boxer, Ramblers GK, was picking up every loose ball and intercept she could and C Lara Howard-Ham led for every pass. 

Ramblers started to come back at Eyre United, and by half time Eyre United were only up by one, 18-17.

Ramblers scored the first goal after half time, quickly followed by a second from Kennerley.

Saints’ WA Mardi Masson stepped up her game putting pressure on Ramblers’ midcourt and feeding well to her goalies. 

Eyre United just stayed ahead at three-quarter time, 18-17.

Lily Nettle helped her Rambler teammates settle and they picked up valuable turnovers to level the scores. 

Even in the swirling wind, the Saints goalies were accurate and with less than two minutes on the clock the scores were even.

As the full-time whistle blew the scores were tied, and both teams had to regroup to play time on.

Eyre United scored the first and second goal, with both teams throwing everything at the ball. 

Erratic play saw the ball travel up and down the court before the goalies could convert, and when it was time to change ends, EU were ahead 40-39. 

Ramblers took the centre pass which was turned over but a beautiful intercept by Mackenzie Walter resulted in a goal for Ramblers. 

Eyre United kept their heads and accuracy in goals saw them edge in front and win.

Best on court: Allyce Fatchen.

E GRADE – United Yeelanna 27 def Cummins Kapinnie 23

The sun came out to start the first grand final match of the day between United Yeelanna and Cougars. 

Yeelanna took the first centre pass and converted after a few nervy minutes.

United Yeelanna GA Elsie Maddern shot the first three goals to see them take an early lead, but Cougars’ GA Holly Gale was driving well to the circle to help bring the score to four all half way through the quarter. 

Slippery conditions were causing a few fumbles, but good defensive pressure by Yeelanna GD Georgia Robinson and C Riley Modra gave them the lead at the break, 9-6.

Cougars’ mid-court came out strongly picking up loose balls and deflecting passes. 

Cougar C Bree Shepperd played strongly and provided good direction for her team. 

Both teams worked hard to earn their goals, but UY goalie accuracy ensured they continued their lead throughout the quarter to be ahead 16-12 at half time.

Cougars swapped goalies, with Maya Radford coming out to GA. 

An evenly contested quarter saw both teams going goal for goal. 

Good circle work by Yeelanna goalies saw them keep their nose ahead. 

Jayden Lander took some handy turnovers for the Eagles despite Cougars’ shooters lifting their work rate to bring the game to within four goals. 

Bree Shepperd kept her strong defensive pressure up, and at the break UY led 23-19.

Cougars moved Grace Burns going in to GS and Holly Gale to GD to try and contain Elsie Maddern. 

Cougars shot the first two goals of the quarter, with GK Shaky Parker-Borthwick proving hard to get past. 

Grace Burns proved effective in goals giving the feeders more options. 

However, Yeelanna were calm with their passes and drove strongly down the court to win the game.

Best on court: Georgia Robinson.