School concert goes back in time

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel in time? Last week, audiences at the Lake Wangary School concert found out.

‘Back to the Gary’ was loosely based on the famous Back to the Future films starring Nathaniel Hirschausen Burk as Doc Emmett and Eli Warburton as Morgan McPuckridge (Wangary’s version of Marty McFly).

In this version, Doc, an ex Lake Wangary student, and Morgan, a student at Lake Wangary in 2018, have to save the school from closure.

During the performance the audience was transported into the future, where Doc visited his old Wangary school friends, Who, the Prime Minister of 2048, and Watt, a famous novelist.

When Doc and Morgan were suddenly attacked by the Coffin Bay Oyster Cartel, things got tricky, with Morgan jumping into the time machine and ending up in 1980 - the year the school Science Fair began.

This included a performance from the rock band KISS (Dylan Morgan, Tyler Meyers, Jason Gilbertson and Mitchell Pearce)

Unfortunately, someone had accidentally altered the time line and Morgan had to make sure the visiting minister got the correct directions to the school for the concert back in 1980.

Apart from the great acting and colourful costumes on stage, the school community was treated to some impressive 1980s dancing from all classes, including some break dancing from Felix Hawkes and Kody Brown.

The story line culminated with KISS performing and saving the school from closure.

It was fantastic to celebrate the learning in the arts curriculum and to come together for a whole school performance.