Pacific Gull research talks

After a successful 25-year career as a large animal veterinarian, Bruce Robertson is now working full time on his love and passion – the Pacific Gull Larus pacificus.

There are presently two subspecies of the Pacific Gull recognised: the eastern subspecies L. p. pacificus and the western subspecies L. p. georgii. There is evidence that in eastern and Western Australia Pacific Gull numbers are falling.

Little however is known about the Pacific Gull L. p. georgii in South Australia.

Mr Robertson first came to the Eyre Peninsula in 2004 to start researching the Pacific Gull. Birds around Port Lincoln were caught, banded and blood tested.

This was part of an Australia-wide project investigating the Pacific Gull across its range in coastal, temperate, southern Australia.

In 2010, a new project was started at Venus Bay when 214 chicks were banded with individually numbered, readable bands.

The bird banded with AN3 received wide publicity when it was found and photographed by Kelvin Schultz at Port Germein on November 19, 2012.  It was photographed there again on February 21, 2012.

On July 30, 2012 however, it was found at Baird Bay, where it was seen repeatedly for the next 12 months.

Mr Robertson will be speaking about the results of his research at Southern Eyre Birds meeting on October 17 at the Senior Citizens Club at 7.30pm. Everyone is welcome.

For further information phone Jenny 0437 038 416 or to view Bruce’s research visit