Rotary Mens Wellness campaign reaches Port Lincoln

The Rotary Mens Wellness Campaign finished in Port Lincoln on Saturday night to help kick off the first day of Mental Health Week in the lower Eyre Peninsula.

The collections 30 images featured local men from across the EP and their quotes on how they keep mentally fit.

Shayne Callis was one of the local men who put his hand up for the campaign, after he went to the doctors for what he thought was a stomach problem.

“They did all these tests before the penny dropped and they realised it was stress,”  he said.

“I didn’t know, I had no idea, so I guessed other men may not know either.

“It’s great, a couple of years ago we wouldn’t of dreamed of talking about it.”

Mr Callis said he wanted to raise awareness and that the feedback from other ‘country blokes’ had been positive.

Saturday was the collections tenth and final stop, with several members of the local community sharing their mental health experiences on the night.

Mentally Fit EP community development officer Lain Montgomerie said although the collection was originally to finish in Port Lincoln, Flinders University and other areas were interested in hosting it. 

Mental Health Week began on Saturday and will run until October 13, with Mentally Fit EP’s ‘Life is a Circus’ Gala Ball ending the week next Saturday night.

Ms Montgomerie said this is the fifth year they have developed a community timetable to showcase the weeks events.

“It’s all about connecting time with family, fun with friends, exercise and creative expression as they are all vital for mental wellness,” she said.

“We make sure there is a range of activities for different interests and age groups.”

Some of the activities available include yoga, park run, craft sessions, art workshops and other local events.