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LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to olivia.barnes@fairfaxmedia.com.au.

Reaction disappointing

I was very disappointed at the Elliston council's response to the request of the local CWA branch for air conditioning of their clubroom.

I believe that a grant was advertised yet their application only received a public criticism of SACWA, the well respected organisation to which their members belong. 

SACWA, a not for profit organisation, assists country students to further their education, gives emergency support to those in dire need, and supplies baby parcels to mothers  who require help - all without any administration costs.

Their motto "Sharing and Caring with Action" is well practiced as their members give freely of their time and talents with all money raised benefitting local causes or those designated by the Association.

The club room, I understand, is used by other local groups for meetings and social events, the amount of funding was not exorbitant, so I am at a loss to understand the negative reaction from the council.


Port Neill

Addressing air-con confusion

In response to the article in the Port Lincoln Times on October 4, the South Australian Country Women’s Association wishes to express our concern and disappointment over the Elliston Council’s confusion and inaccuracies in the article. 

SACWA did not receive a “first” letter from the Elliston District Council and would be pleased to receive a copy of this letter.

SACWA was established 90 years ago to provide for the betterment of women and their families, no matter where they live within South Australia.

There is no discrimination between rural or urban branches regarding funding. 

The SACWA constitution and policies clearly state each branch’s obligations regarding the day to day running of branches and all branches are aware of these. 

The Elliston branch chose to apply for a council grant instead of to SACWA. We, therefore, did not refuse to fund the air conditioner for the SACWA rest room.

The comment that there is a “consistent refusal to provide funding” is neither accurate nor necessary.

The association did not advice that funds for this project were not available. 

My quote in the article is accurate. SACWA has approved funding to branches and specifically to Elliston branch for repairs to footpaths and the veranda of the rest room.

Branches who wish to do upgrades or repairs to association property do so through an application to the State Finance Committee with final approval granted by our ruling body state council.

Branch funds are managed in a consolidated account but the association cannot make any payment without the branch authority which much be minuted in their general meeting. 

The state treasurer spoke at length to an Elliston Council representative who “completely understood” the management of buildings by branches and the relevant policies so their inaccuracies describing our procedures are very disappointing. 

SACWA is a not-for-profit sectarian, non-party-political community based women’s voluntary service organisation incorporated under SA law.

We are self funding through monies raised by branches, groups and state fundraisers and do not receive any government funding. 


SACWA president

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