Earthquake hits water off Port Lincoln

A 3.4 magnitude earthquake hit 40 kilometres off of the Memory Cove coast on Wednesday afternoon.

The earthquake hit at 1:27pm, in the Bight about 65 kilometres south of Port Lincoln.

Seismological Association of Australia chief seismologist, David Love said the earthquake was the largest in the region.

“There are a few other earthquakes that have occurred near that region, but this is the largest,” he said.

“It is unlikely to have been felt on the mainland.”

The closest land masses near the earthquake were the Ile Montmorency and the North Neptune islands at about 18 kilometres away.

Twenty seismic stations across South Australia, New South Wales, Western Australia and Victoria reported the minor earthquake.

Mr Love said the earthquake was well recorded locally and even weakly recorded interstate.

“The event is about the same size as the magnitude 3.7 that occurred near Cleve on 1st July this year,” he said.

“In 2002 there was one of magnitude 3.1, followed the next year by another of magnitude 3.2.”