Tumby Bay council election

Tumby Bay District Council will see a different election format to 2014, with elections for councillor and mayor.

Current mayor Sam Telfer will stand again will be up against deputy mayor Geoff Stewart.

Seven people have nominated for the six councillor positions. 

Ballot packs for elections will be sent in the post from the week commencing October 22, completed ballots must be lodged before 5pm on November 9.

For information on voting visit ecsa.sa.gov.au/voting/voting-in-council-elections

Mayor Candidates

Sam Telfer

Sam Telfer is hoping for reelection this year to further expand the district’s potential.

Mr Telfer said he has lived in the district his whole life and knew he was privileged to be in a great part of the country.

“As mayor I have endeavoured to provide strong, united and accountable leadership, and have worked closely within council and the community to deliver the best results possible,” he said. 

“I believe a mayor needs to be consultative and accessible to ratepayers, and I will continue to be this way. 

“Council must be financially accountable, and I have always aimed to keep our rates at an affordable level.” 

He said he lives with wife Karla and their young family at Ungarra, working on his family farming business, which had been farming in the area for over 100 years.

“We need to be working together without division to expand our district's potential, and we need leadership that makes strong, informed decisions that are beneficial for both the present and future strength of our community,” he said.

Geoffrey Stewart

Geoffrey Stewart has been an active member of the Tumby Bay ambulance service since he retired to the area almost 20 years ago.

After graduating from the Royal Military College, Duntroon, he served for almost 30 years in the Australian Army and a further 10 years in the Australian Federal Police and Defence.

“I am very aware of the cost of living increases and the pressures this is placing on families,” he said.

“I see this at all ages through my own extended family all of whom live in Tumby Bay.

“I would represent our total community, but most importantly I would listen to the voice of the community.”

Mr Steward said as he was deputy mayor for the past four years he believes, if given the opportunity, that he could provide valuable leadership and a realistic input into council and the community as mayor.

Councillor Candidates

Ricky Trenberth

Ricky Trenberth is on the Regional Development Australia Whyalla and Eyre Peninsula board and is an operations manager for a local machinery dealership.

Mr Trenberth has a background in accountancy and managerial accountancy roles across the Eyre Peninsula and in Adelaide.

“If elected, I will endeavour to be an unbiased, independent voice for the community with a focus on sound governance,” he said.

“I was fortunate enough to spend my schooling life at the local school and I hope that my own children can experience the same lifestyle that I enjoyed growing up in Tumby Bay.

“Our community faces many changes in the near future and it's vital that these are managed appropriately.”

He said he lives in Tumby Bay with his wife and two daughters.

Stephen Hibbit

Retired project manager and consultant Stephen Hibbit is currently involved in a number of community based projects aimed at bringing both social and economic benefits to Tumby Bay and surrounds.

Mr Hibbit is treasurer of Tumby Bay Progress Association and Tumby Bay Food and Wine Club, and secretary and treasurer of Tumby Bay Marina.

Mr Hibbit said he believes that with his extensive corporate, management and financial experience he can make a significant contribution to Tumby Bay District Council.

He has also previously held positions as the director of Tumby Bay District Financial Services at the Bendigo Bank and treasurer of the Tumby Bay Bowls Club. 

He said he also believes that when working for a community it's important to respect the past, engage the present and inspire the future.

Mr Hibbit has a Bachelor of Business Administration, is an ISO 9001 Quality Management System lead auditor, and was a member of the Australian Society of Certified Practising Accountants, Australian Institute of Management and Australian Human Resource Institute.

Helen Terese Kroemer

Helen Kroemer was elected to council in 2014 and is hoping for reelection.

During this term she was a member of the Development Assessment Panel and chairman of the Audit committee.

The local resident said her long term vision for the area is for economic sustainability, stable employment, family friendly and a cohesive community.

Ms Kroemer is an active member of the CWA Ungarra Branch and holds branch, group and state positions.

Robert Randall

Robert Randall has 40 years experience in community service as a past Liberal state MP and local governance councillor, mayor and deputy mayor in other areas.

Mr Randall and his wife relocated to Tumby Bay in November 2017 after living in Henley Beach.

“We wanted to live closer to family and grandchildren and chose Tumby Bay because of its relaxed, rural lifestyle,” he said.

“As residents, many of you are required to pay rates and it is this money that the mayor and your councillors spend. 

“We must spend your money wisely on projects that provide many years of benefit to the council area.” 

He said with his 40 years of experience in community service he wants offer the area his willingness to serve as a councillor in Tumby Bay. 

Hannah Allen-Jordan

Hannah Allen-Jordan is hoping for reelection after she was elected to council in 2014.

Ms Allen-Jordan said she had served on several committees during her time on council, such as the Tumby Bay Area School governing council and the Tumby Bay Progress Association.

“I want to continue working on a sustainable economic future for the district with our already thorough long term financial plan and ensuring the community feel as though they are involved and well informed,” she said.

“I can foresee a progressive future for Tumby Bay District Council over the next four years.

“25 years young and looking for a bright future for this beautiful district we call home.”

Bob Lawrie

Bob Lawrie has served 15 years as a councillor on the Tumby Bay Council

Mr Lawrie is a retired business owner that lives in Tumby Bay and said he had served on various council committees and had no affiliation with any political party.

“If elected I will strive to make sound and well informed decisions that are in the best interest of the community that reflects what they want,” he said. 

“I believe the District Council of Tumby Bay is a great place to live, work and retire and I have a passionate vision to pursue that it is kept that way, by keeping rate increases to a minimum and listen to the community. 

“And that any new mining activities be made accountable and make sure they pay their way for any new infrastructure that is required.”

Thelma Diane Bryant

Thelma Diane Bryant has been a member of the SES for 10 years, St Johns for two years and a performed treasurer and secretary duties for 10 years at the Cummins Show.

She has also been involved in volunteer positions in the community, and netball umpiring and canteen duties. 

Ms Bryant said she had lived in Tumby Bay with her seven children since 1986.

“I am passionate about our town and will strive 100 per cent to work towards being a voice for all people,” she said

“My aims are to work on the infrastructure to make it easier for the elderly to access more areas and support local businesses.”

She also worked for Dome Car and West Coast Home Care across the lower Eyre Peninsula for 10 years.

Ms Bryant said she had supported several community fundraisers including showboat, the RSL, local schools and kindies.