Port Lincoln council election

Port Lincoln City Council will see 12 people contest the nine councillor positions, down slightly from the 16, but has one more mayoral nomination with three candidates.

Contesting for Port Lincoln mayor is Brad Flaherty alongside current councillors Jim Papazoglov and Diana Mislov.

Ballot packs for elections will be sent in the post from the week commencing October 22, completed ballots must be lodged before 5pm on November 9.

For information on voting visit ecsa.sa.gov.au/voting/voting-in-council-elections

Mayor Candidates

Jim Papazoglov

Jim Papazoglov is up for reelection, but this time he is nominating for the position of mayor rather than councillor.

He said he stands for growth and economic development, protection of the city’s agriculture, aquaculture and tourism industries, and holding state and federal governments accountable and committed to the sustainability of the city.

Mr Papazoglov said he also stood for investment in youth and their future and improving access to mental health and well being services.

“My experience as a councillor, small business owner and proactive community member spanning over 40 years provides me with the skills, the network and capabilities to successfully undertake the role as mayor,” he said.

“I am driven by my passion and commitment to see Port Lincoln thrive across business and community groups.

“It is not about me, it’s about what is best for the residents of Port Lincoln.”

Brad Flaherty

Brad Flaherty has been associated with the city since 1978 and was the South Australian Police superintendent for the Eyre and Western local service area based in Port Lincoln from 2007 until his retirement in 2012.

Mr Flaherty served 38 years in SAPOL, with a masters, undergraduate and postgraduate degree under his belt.

“I have worked passionately with a community focus for all of my working life and want to use my skills and experience to build a progressive and sustainable city,” he said.

“I will bring extensive skills and experience to this role, along with excellent relationships with government and business leaders. 

“I will be an enthusiastic, strategic and approachable mayor.”

He said he has more than 30 years of senior government and business experience, and is the director of four voluntary boards and vice president of the Port Lincoln RSL branch.

Diana Mislov

Diana Mislov is up for reelection, but this time she is nominating for the position of mayor rather than councillor.

She said she had brought the ideas and concerns of the Port Lincoln community to the council chambers.

Ms Mislov said she had advocated for minimising rates and borrowings, while maintaining the services and improving infrastructure.

“As a local, my home and family is here, and I know your needs,” she said.

“Your vote is important to me, and my priority is to represent you with enthusiasm and diligence, with leadership and empathy, to realise our tourism and growth potential, and to grow our vision for a safe, vibrant and diverse, prosperous community,” she said. 

She said she serves fairly and inclusively on many committees and that as an accountant she will bring professionalism, experience, good governance, financial accountability and progressive strategy to the role.

“I value the contribution of residents and our volunteers, and applaud your charity and resilience,” Ms Mislov said. 

“I have worked and collaborated with all levels of government, with businesses, and I will work hard, for you, and Port Lincoln.”

Councillor Candidates

Jack Ritchie

Jack Ritchie is the director of Port Lincoln consulting firm Sevenseas Creative, chair of the PL Chamber of Commerce and Tourism and chair of the SALT Festival.

He said he is committed to community and regional development, and working with the community to achieve positive outcomes across the board.

“I have a deep understanding of local and regional issues and opportunities,” Mr Richtie said.

“I enjoy working strategically in cooperation and have extensive background in governance, policy, planning and communications.

“My commitment is to listen to the needs of community, be active in identifying beneficial opportunities to achieve sustainable growth and diversification of the local economy and increased well-being.”

Mr Ritchie said he wanted to deliver community objectives with a focus on the great good.

Andrea Broadfoot

Andrea Broadfoot has chaired the Strategic Planning and Development Policy committee, and been a member of the CEO Review committee and project boards for the Leisure Centre.

She has lived in Port Lincoln since 2005 and was elected to council in 2014.

The regional born and raised South Australian said she had actively worked to represent the community and its interests during her time in council.

“I bring clear communication, action and advocacy to represent your views and concerns,” Ms Broadfoot said.

“I would be honoured to continue the work as your elected member. 

“I promote clear open processes, equitable access to opportunity, care for our environment, partnership approaches and compassionate leadership,” she said.

Ms Broadfoot said she had been focused on economic growth, renewable energy and improved process for local investment.

“I contribute skills and experience to work effectively with the elected member and Council staff teams,” she said.

Robyn Rowsell

Robyn Rowsell chairs the West Coast Youth and Community Support and has consulted with the Federal Government on education and housing issues.

Ms Rowsell said she would be honoured to represent the community she loved and be an active and dedicated councillor.

“I am a proud Port Lincoln resident,” she said.

“I have a passion for social issues and finding solutions that will benefit everyone in our community from socials issues, to health and education.

“I believe the city of Port Lincoln has a positive future and I would like to play an active role in shaping a positive and prosperous community for all”.

The Port Lincoln born resident also has experience in sport administration and education during her career.

Timothy Steven Coote

Timothy Coote was the creator and inaugural chair of the SALT Festival and is the current executive board member of West Coast Youth and Community Services.

He has also served on the Industry Leaders Group committee and is a regional manager with the Department for Industry and Skills.

Mr Coote said he had a contemporary vision about the role of local government in empowering the community through innovative and engaged leadership.

He also said he was experienced in representing local needs and advocating for adapted responses for the region and his hometown of Port Lincoln.

Mr Coote was a Ruth Tuck Scholar, which took him to France, and was awarded the state’s Highest Achievement Award in the Public Sector Management program from QUT.

He said he lives in Port Lincoln with his wife Ilda, two sons and dog.

Valerie Staunton

Valerie Staunton is the president of the Port Lincoln City Band, member of the PLYC, committee member for Eyre Art Action Inc, member for the ph@tt program and a property sales consultant for Raine & Horne.

The born and raised local resident said she is an active and passionate community member.  

“They say if you want something done ask a busy person,” Ms Staunton said. 

The saxophonist and sailor said she is an advocate for victims' rights, a wife and a mother of two teenage boys. 

Ms Staunton said with a positive, can do attitude and integrity she embraces challenges and opportunity with both hands to lead by example with hard work and determination.

She said with her passion for making the community more vibrant, liveable and safe.

She also said she wants to work with the people to engage and retain youth, care for the elderly, support organisations, promote jobs and growth in the region.

Peter Jolley

Peter Jolley has been an elected member of the council for eight years and a teacher at Port Lincoln High School for 26 years.

Mr Jolley has been a board member of the Eyre Peninsula Old Folks Home, and a member of council’s Financial Audit Committee and member of the chief executive officer review committee.

He said he had represented the community with integrity in his roles and was committed to the progress of Port Lincoln and its youth.

“I have been honoured to represent the people of Port Lincoln,” Mr Jolley said. 

“My aim in the coming four years is to assist council to work with the state government to negotiate the proposed rate capping and assist in the development of sustainable budgets to minimise the impact on services provided by council.”

Linda Davies

Linda Davies was elected in 2014 and said she is committed to continue on as a councillor with the support of the community.

Ms Davies said she is a born and bred local that is passionate to see the city prosper without forfeiting its cultural past.

“I understand the complexity and diverse range of issues before council and am prepared to work diligently for the best interest of the people of Port Lincoln,” she said. 

“I will continue to strive to be a voice for the everyday worker, pensioner and all people and will advocate for limited borrowings and for nominal future rate increase.”

Geoff Dodd

Geoff Dodd has spent 19 years in a career in local government and is currently a member of Eyre Peninsula National Resources Management audit and risk committee, the Tumby Bay Development Assessment Panel and vice chair of the West Coast Community Services.

Mr Dodd said if he was successful in his nomination he looked forward to representing the community and contributing to constructive debate on all issues affecting the city and region.

“Working and raising a family in Port Lincoln has given me an appreciation of what our city and region offers,” he said.

“If elected I will strive to promote sustainable, strategic policies and budgets that support regional industry, promote business growth and employment and the development of community infrastructure.”

Mr Dodd said he had held various management and committee positions during his 19 year career in local government, including nine years as a chief executive officer.

“I am currently self-employed, providing strategic, business and organisational planning to community groups and local government,” he said.

Peter Malcolm Linn

Peter Malcolm Linn spent 33 years as an Anglican Priest in various chaplaincies in mining, motor sports, police, prison and football.

Mr Linn said he also spent nine years as a school chaplain at Trinity College and is the local RSL president.

“I am vice chairperson of Eyre Futures Board and have a strong interest in youth and education.

“I served with the ADF as a reserve chaplain including being deployed in 2009, to support troops in the Middle East including Afganistan.

“This broad life experience will enable me to bring a range of different perspectives to council.”

Mr Linn said he continues to support returned service personnel and their families.

“I have lived in Port Lincoln for 8 years and I am aged 62,” he said. 

“My educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Theology, Diploma of Pastoral Studies and Graduate Diploma in Education.”

Faye Davis

Faye Davis is a member of the Steering Group, board member of the Port Lincoln Community Bank and chair of the Port Lincoln Football League Board.

She has been a councillor for the past eight years and currently works for Eyre Futures coordinating community mentors in schools.

Ms Davis said she has lived in Port Lincoln for 45 years and worked in education, care, real estate and the Eyre Peninsula Community Foundation across the region.

“I value this town, the community, lifestyle and diversity of the people who live here,” she said.

“Our greatest challenge continues to be maintaining a financially sustainable community and well-managed maintenance program for existing community infrastructure, while supporting industry, services and lifestyle for our people into the future.

“I have been your city councillor for the past eight years and seek your support to represent you for another four-year term.”

Lee Alan Reid

Lee Alan Reid is a local student, part-time artist and writer, and a horticultural enthusiast.

He has assisted on shark cage diving vessels, supported small businesses and been a sales representative.

Mr Reid said he became inspired to join the council and to give it his all to better the city he had loved for over 15 years.

“We have the opportunity to show Australia we are a powerhouse in terms of community spirit and lead by example, it's my hope that when we all come together towards common self-interests we can achieve greatness,” he said.

Mr Reid said he wants to share his innate desire to help and encourage the city to expand not just in terms of size, population and industry, but most importantly in long term sustainability and quality of life for all.

He resides in Port Lincoln with his family and two siblings.

Julie Watson

Julie Watson has been involved with the Trade Union movement for the past nine years and works as a correctional industrial officer at the Port Lincoln Prison.

She also has a culinary background as a qualified chef, where she was head chef before she made the move to the corrections system in 2009.

She said grew up in Port Lincoln and that she thrived on being the voice for every day workers

Ms Watson said she is passionate about her home town and understands the needs of the community she lived and worked in.

She said if she were elected she would strive to ensure she was the voice for the people and that the people have a strong and active representation on the council.