Poonindie Fete brings in crowd of about 3000

Poonindie Community Learning Centre has enjoyed another successful Spring Fete that attracted about 3000 people on Sunday.

Great weather conditions greeted locals to the fete, which serves as the school’s major fundraising event.

Attractions including pony rides, bouncy castles, Follow the Tod River and more than 30 community stalls delighted guests and helped raise more than $10,000.

School principal Robyn Kenny said the school was really happy with how Sunday’s event went altogether.

“I’m amazed and truly thankful of the support we get, not just from the parents but also from the wider community,” she said.

“An example of this on Sunday was the reception-year 1 class had ran out of cupcakes (for the decorate cupcakes stall)…so someone, not a parent at our school, ran home and baked another 50 cupcakes.”

Mrs Kenny said students, staff and parents would be involved in a decision making process in the next few weeks on what to do with the money raised.

Projects funded by fete funds in the past included the sand pit, garden and yarning circle.

Mrs Kenny said the school community were looking forward to the next fete in 2020.

“Parents are really keen, they’ve been planning (this year’s fete) for nine months of the year and don’t need any prodding,” she said.