Roadies keep pressure on

Port Lincoln softball

A GRADE: Roadies' Bronwyn Warland race to a base before Eagles' Sarah Laube takes a catch.

A GRADE: Roadies' Bronwyn Warland race to a base before Eagles' Sarah Laube takes a catch.

Roadrunners' Tanya Habner safe despite the efforts of Eagles' Tosha McIntosh.

Roadrunners' Tanya Habner safe despite the efforts of Eagles' Tosha McIntosh.


Roadrunners def Eagles 12-4

ROADIES were first up to bat and picked up two runs before the pitcher-catcher duo Hayley Wiseman and Sam Higgins shut them down with three strike outs in a row.

Roadrunners managed to keep Eagles scoreless in their first at bat.

Eagles repayed the favour with another two strike outs and a fly ball to left field that was snapped up by young Shenice Wells.

Eagles picked up one run before the Roadies’ pitcher-catcher duo Jess Jolly and Amelia Rusden picked up three strike outs.

Roadies picked up another run in their next at bat before tight fielding caused side away.

Eagles’ Koren Jenkins creamed a three-bagger to right field, backed up with a safe to Mary McCarthy bringing Jenkins home and adding another run to their total.

Another crack with the bat saw Roadies cross two more runs with safe outfield hits to Tanya Habner and Rusden backing it up on the diamond keeping Eagles scoreless.

Top of the fifth saw a big right field hit by Brooke Neindorf bring in two of her team mates which helped cross three more runs.

Eagles were held scoreless with tight fielding by Roadies and all three outs going to Neindorf at first.

Last bat was a cracker for Roadies with four more runs crossing safely with a big three-bagger to Habner.

Eagles last bat had them chasing eight runs. They gave it their best and picked up two runs.

Best at bat

Roadrunners: Amelia Rusden (three from five).

Eagles: Rikki-Lee Makuch (two from three).


Roadrunners def Eagles 17-3

Roadrunners were first up to bat and crossed three runs with smart batting and base running.

Eagles answered with one run crossing home plate.

Next at bat saw big outfield hits for Roadies from Tanya Habner, Jess Cave and Donna Bowey which resulted in another three runs.

Roadies took to the field strong keeping Eagles scoreless with brilliant pitching from Habner and a strong team to back her up.

Smart batting saw Roadies cross another six runs, bringing their total to 12.

Eagles were once again held scoreless with top fielding from Roadrunners including a double play by Winnie Hill.

Roadies crossed another two runs in their next at bat.

A few changes to the Eagles side saw them cross two runs.

Roadrunners hit the batter’s box for the last time and crossed another three runs then keeping Eagles scoreless at their last at bat.

Best at bat

Roadrunners: Jess Cave (three from five).

Eagles: Tahnee Weetra and Tosha McIntosh (both one from two).


Eagles def Roadrunners 13-7

Eagles took to the field very strong with four up three down and only one run crossing home plate.

Roadies took to the field in an attempt to keep Eagles to a minimum score.

However Eagles hit the batter’s box and crossed four runs with big outfield hits to sister duo Shenice Wells, who hit a brilliant two base hit to left field, and Katie Wells who creamed a home run out to left field. Billie Jenkins also had a nice safe hit.

Roadrunners used smart batting and base running to cross three runs before Eagles’ infield made the three outs.

With scores even, Roadies went to protect their runs and kept Eagles scoreless.

Eagles then repaid the favour and kept Roadies scoreless with strong fielding.

Eagles hit the batter’s box with confidence and crossed four runs with excellent batting and base running.

Eagles had safe hits to Ellie Makuch, Shenice Wells with another double and Ashrah Brady with a home run.

Roadrunners last at bat had them chasing four runs to even up the scores. They managed to get three runs on the board bringing their total to seven.

Eagles took to the batter’s box for the last time and crossed five runs with safe hits to Gemma Fowler, Shenice Wells with her third double bagger, Jenkins with a safe hit and Katie Wells with her second home run.

Best at bat

Eagles: Gemma Fowler and Shenice Wells (both three from three), Katie Wells (two from two-both home runs).

Roadrunners: Airlie O’Brien (three from three).