Tigers and Coyotes win in first matches


Baseball returned to Dorward oval on Friday night with Saints taking on the well-rested Tigers.

In the juniors Saints had to forfeit due to low numbers. They are in need of junior players so if you have a 10 to 15 year old child interested they would happily give them a game.


Tigers 10 def Saints 9

Saints played the same team as the B grade with just the pitcher to change while Shields had five players from their B grade side play up.

Pobke took the mound for shields and pitched well to hold Saints to two runs considering they had batting practice from the B grade pie chucker.

Shields’ fielders looked like they had not played in 12 months with sloppy errors.

Tigers hit back with two runs of their own through safe hits from Hope, Pobke and Kym Dorward to tie the game.

At the top of the second Pobke only allowed one run with a safe hit from Paul Dennis before Hester was caught at left field to retire the side.

Shaun Lever only faced seven batters over the next two innings to silence the Tigers’ batsmen and the crowd.

Shields looked deflated after Saints made their first double play of the season to put the Northerners back into the field.

Saints would take to Pobke, who also found the bat of the Halos. Halos would turn on five runs in the third with safe hits from Mitchell and Marcus Dennis.

This was followed by one more in the fourth with an almost perfectly placed hit to right field by Broden Dennis, only to run one base too many getting cut down at third with a perfect relay throw from Hartwich to Elliot who cannoned the ball to Hope.

Coach Dorward parted his wise words onto his pride trying to lift them to a respectable score line.

He did more than lift them, Dorward led off with a home run to left field, O’Keefe hit safe to centre, Craig Dorward dolled one to second and beat the throw, Hartwich hit safe to centre, Pobke hit to left and Miller hit to right field.

Suddenly Shields were two runs from a remarkable come back.

Saints coach Paul Dennis called time and tossed the ball to Hester but it was too late with Hester hitting Kym Dorward who walked two more to give the Shields’ boys a game to remember.

Saints’ best: Mitchell two safe hits; Shields’ best: Kym Dorward two safe hits, one home run; Pobke two safe hits, five strike outs.


Saints 13 def Shields 3

Hartwich was tossed the ball to control the Saints batters, this was a long shot from coach Dorward.

Hester set the Halos’ intent with a line drive to left field, he would soon be out at second.

Errors helped Saints score two runs, before Hartwich struck out Liam Dennis and Paul Dennis was out at first for side away.

It was up to the Tigers’ bats to claw back runs and Kane Hope took a walk and stole second before Elliot hit a double to left to bring him in.

Saints’ pitcher Looyestyn then retired the next two including striking out Hartwich.

Saints scored six runs in the second innings with the Halos going through the line up, the safe hits including doubles from L. Dennis and Looyestyn.

Shields batted smarter receiving four walks to help them score two runs before side away.

Saints kept up the power hitting in the third, hitting the ball to all sides of the park, scoring five more runs to take their total to 13.

Shields had the final bat and with the expectation of a fight on their hands they faltered with Looyestyn shutting them down by striking out all batters.

Saints’ best: Looyestyn two doubles and five strike outs; Shields’ best: Elliot one double.


Indians hosted Coyotes at Ravendale last Friday night.

With junior numbers low the clubs came together to modify the game to assure all players were kept involved and got to field, bat and base run. Outs were made but not counted as each team batted through their line ups.


Coyotes defeated Indians 3-1

Last season’s premiers, Indians took on Coyotes on opening night of the 2018/19 baseball season. 

Luke Howie got the Dogs of to a dream start, putting the first pitch of the game over the left field fence.

Then Kieren Vermuellen got back on track with two strikeouts to clean up the inning.

Kameron Miegel started on the hill for Coyotes and with the exception of a brilliant line drive from Jake Turner was able to shut down the Indians bats. 

The two pitchers dominated the second innings with only Adams (Coyotes) hitting a single.

Howie’s single in the third was quickly dealt with by Indians who retired the next three batters.

Indians first three batter were walked in to bottom of the third before Miegel retired the next two batters.

Vermeullen then levelled the scores with an RBI single to Right Field, Coyotes then executed a great relay to home for the third out and keep the score at one all after three innings.

With two walks and a catches interference call Coyotes had loaded bags quickly in the fourth before Ray Todd hit a two run double to give them a 3-1 lead.

Indians tried in vain to score in the last before game was called. 

Coyotes winning 3-1.

Pitchers: Coyotes: Miegel (four strike outs). Indians: Vermuellen three, Turner three; batting: Coyotes: Howie two (home run), Todd, Adams. Indians: Turner, Vermuellen.


Indians 12 defeat Coyotes 2

Veteran Brad ‘Nugget’ Campaign returned to Indians after a stint with the Saints and he was welcomed back with pitching duties. He retired the first two batters but was hit nicely through second base by Mitch Sawyer.

Duane Arnell reached base by an error and when Brock Jantke hit into another fielding error at second base Sawyer looked set to score but a nice relay play from centre field saw Indians’ catcher Rhys Cummings at home plate with the ball before Sawyer got there, he was tagged out for side away and no score.

Ray Todd went to the mound for the Green and Gold but the Tribes’ bats had locked in on the ball with Dan Moukas doubling and big Bob McCarthy hitting safely. Campaign was caught at centre field for the first out.

Brodie Drewitt reached first on a fielding error which saw Moukas cross to open the scoring for the Tribe, Adam Kobelt picked a walk and then McCarthy and Drewitt scored on a nice two-base hit from Cummings.

Matthew Dennis followed suit hitting a two-bagger to the same spot as Cummings which saw Kobelt score.

Young Kurt Semmler hit safely to centre to score Cummings before Ashleigh White and Moukas were struck out for side away.

Rubin Thompson started the Dogs’ second innings off with a walk before Campaign struck out Mitch Ettery, Miegel then reached on an error before Delaney and Todd were struck out for outs two and three.

Indians second at bat started with a ground out to McCarthy, Campaign reached first on an error.

Drewitt then doubled to centre field and after Kobelt was hit by a pitch Cummings doubled again to bring home two more runs.

Dennis and Semmler reached on errors before White hit into a fielder’s choice and Moukas was caught for the last out.

The third inning started with Francis reaching base on an error and then scoring on another nice hit from Sawyer. Arnell hit in to a fielder’s choice for the first out and Brock Jantke and Brock Wise were retired on strikes for side away.

Coyotes returned to the field with Callum Binder replacing Todd on the mound and although McCarthy was walked and later scored on a wild throw that was the only score before side away.

Miegel got the fourth innings underway reaching base after hitting through short stop and later scored on a safe hit to Callum Binder to score the Dogs’ last run of the night.

The next at bat for the Tribe was a quick one with young Binder firing on the mound, retiring the first three hitters on strikes.

This left a monster task for Coyotes to score 10 runs to tie the game.

Arnell hit safely but Campaign regathered forcing a ground ball from Jantke which led to a well-executed double play followed by a strike out and that was the game. 

Best at bat: Indians’ Rhys Cummings (two from three, four RBI), Coyotes’ Mitch Sawyer (two from three, two RBI); best in field: Indians’ Rhys Cummings (six put outs and one assist), Brad Campaign (seven strike outs, Coyotes’ Todd and Binder (five between them).


Coyotes 10 def Indians 3

Jett Drewitt was handed his first ever pitching duties for the Tribe but struggled early with his radar allowing Daniel Earl and Charlie Todd to pick up walks before under 16’s ‘veteran’ Rubin Thompson hit safely through second base which allowed Earl to cross home plate to open the Dogs’ scoring.

Baylee Stusser and Jack Todd walked while C. Todd scored on a pass ball before first-gamer Jorja Defelice hit safely to ignite her team mates (and the crowd).

Drazzik Stusser hit into a fielder’s choice which allowed big brother Baylee to score, Jeremy Potts hit safely to score Thompson.

Deklan Males also got himself on base and was brought home on a beautiful two-base hit from D. Earl as well as Defelice and Potts before side away.

Rubin Thompson was called into pitch for the Dogs and first-time catcher Jack Todd went to the plate.

Drewitt skyed the ball but was caught by D. Stusser at second base for an out.

Bob McCarthy picked a walk before Timmy Dennis hit safely followed by another safe hit to the smallest player on the ball park, first-gamer, Jayden Jenkins.

The three McWhinnie children were up next, Micah hit into a fielder’s choice, Shanaya grounded out but allowed McCarthy to score and Xavier got on base after a dropped third strike and side away was called.

Indians returned to the field with a host of changes which meant young Timmy Dennis replaced Drewitt on the mound.

He found the strike zone well but this gave the Doggies bats a chance to hit and C. Todd hit safely, Thompson doubled, B. Stusser hit through third base to score both base runners before J. Todd hit a ripper to left field to score Stusser before side away was called.

This brought Coyotes’ tally to 10 and the Tribe needed to close a big gap.

The second inning saw B. Stusser come to the mound for the Dogs to face off with Zali Mitchell who hit safely.

Aiden Knight was up next, he was a spectator at the start of the game but saw how much fun the others were having and asked to join in, he grounded out and Drewitt was struck out by Stusser.

McCarthy, Dennis and Jenkins all hit away as did S. McWinnie which scored young Jenkins before side away brought the Tribes’ total to three runs, handing Coyotes their first win.

Best at bat: Coyotes’ Rubin Thompson (two from two, single and double); best in field: Coyotes’ Jack Todd (three put outs). Well done to all involved was great to see the two clubs come together and help each other out.