Port Lincoln runner completes New York Marathon

Port Lincoln’s Otis Carter pushed through to complete his goal of finishing the New York Marathon early Monday morning.

Mr Carter was one of 11 participants involved with the Indigenous Marathon project that entered this year’s marathon, running alongside more than 50,000 competitors from around the world.

In front of hundreds of thousands of spectators lining New York’s streets, all 11 runners completed the marathon, which was the culmination of six months of training and commitment.

Mr Carter, who completed the marathon in a time of five hours, 36 minutes and 43 seconds said his involvement with the program was something he would always be proud of.

“I wanted to push myself like I have in the lead up events so I went hard and fast until half way and did a PB (personal best) for the half marathon distance,” he said.

Mr Carter said he had hit the wall at the 35 kilometre mark but the energy of the crowd helped push him across the line.

“There were so many people and everyone calling out ‘Otis’, pumping me right up and it made me run faster,” he said.

Mr Carter said there were so many people who had messaged him saying how proud they were and he wanted to keep inspiring people in the community.

He said he had no plans to stop running but was yet to decide what marathon to take on next.

The Indigenous Marathon Foundation runs the program each year to select 12 young indigenous men and women to train for the New York Marathon as well as complete an educational component and celebrate indigenous resilience.